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Anyone who intends to have a web presence will benefit from their own personal web hosting. Rather than relying on social networking sites, web hosting gives you all the tools you need to build a proper web presence.

Many web hosting companies exist specifically to help people new to using web hosting and building web pages while others have enough utility that they will work. When considering web hosting for your own personal project, finding a company that is user friendly and offers features that you will use as well as those that you may need in the future are important.


Many people who choose to build their own web site do not do so from scratch and most web hosting companies that cater to personal web hosting know this. Often times, they will include a group of decent looking templates as part of their web hosting package. On top of providing the templates, there is a template editor included to customize the web page. That customization may be as simple as adding text or as detailed as keeping the format but changing layout colors and adding custom graphics.

In some cases, basic templates may be supplied as part of a basic package and more detailed or fancier templates are offered as an add-on item that costs extra.

The allure of using a web hosting company's templates, even if they are limited, is that they are far easier to publish for the novice compared to creating a web page from scratch or using and modifying templates and then uploading them.

Some companies provide walk-throughs for how to do this, however other companies leave the user in the cold to a certain extent, requiring a third-party FTP program rather than allowing for the upload of web pages through the web hosting control panel.

However, the templates offered by many web hosting providers look so much like templates that most people will wish to have their personal web space look more customized and more like "their" personality.

Setup Support and Technical Support

Web hosting companies that focus on personal pages are, in general, aware that their customer base is going to be less technically inclined than the person tasked with securing and using web hosting for even the smallest of businesses. Because of this, they often offer extra support, especially during the beginning of the contract.

There are companies out there that will help setup someone's personal web page as part of their package or will charge a nominal fee to do so. Other people will simply pay for the web page to be created and will have the creator deal with getting it onto their personal web hosting account then do the maintenance work themselves.

Technical support for personal web hosting is also important. While uptime may not be the utmost priority for the person simply wanting their own home on the internet, getting quick responses to their questions and problems is. If an installed application, such as a calendar, or their email server stops working properly, this type of user is going to need assistance fixing what is broken more often than a web hosting expert who is used to tweaking applications and looking through email server logs to root out problems.

Finding a web hosting company with excellent customer support, even if the hosting costs more is incredibly important for the person needing web hosting but has little experience with server-side applications.


There are some common applications and features that anyone looking to host a web site would want and while better versed users know about them or know how to have them installed, the person seeking web hosting should focus on web hosts that offer these applications as part of their available services.

For example, WordPress is a free and incredibly commonly used blog authoring tool, as well as a way to setup dynamic web pages that are easier for the average person to edit and maintain after the fact. Of any single application, it is both the most useful and easy to use on a daily basis and should be one to make sure is at least available with any web hosting package. Mail servers, too, vary in flexibility and available options so finding a web hosting company with top notch mail server technology will become an important thing to consider.

Finally, there are other applications such as dynamic calendars, storefront applications and more that, while they may not ever be used, should be looked at as something that might be convenient in the future.

A person that creates a blog site today may end up selling t-shirts and other merchandise in a couple years because their blog becomes so popular. Having the technology available from their web hosting company to adjust to the ever changing needs of the client ensures that the client remains happy with their web hosting company and also maximizes their return of investment for web hosting.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

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Regardless of your reasons for wanting to get a domain name, finding an appropriate name is incredibly important. Businesses especially need to consider their domain name as it represents their brand on the internet. It needs to be easy to remember and easy to type.

Although imperative for businesses, personal websites and those that are personal but are used to generate extra income will also benefit from being properly named and registered. The easier it is for people to surf to the site, the better.

Choosing a Domain Name and the Proper Extension

If you are running a business, you will find that the closer the domain name is to your business name the better. It is also advisable to use the most common top level domain (TLD) extensions possible, sticking with .com, .net and .org whenever possible.

For example, Widgets, Incorporated needs a web site. They go through one of the domain registration companies and find that is already taken. However, they can go with or Either are good choices but any time there is an option, the dot-com address is going to be the most memorable. may be forgotten and dot-com substituted, taking that company's potential or returning customer to a different website. For Widgets, Inc., they should spend a bit of money to try to purchase the various extensions simply to protect their business identity.

Picking a domain name for an individual has a lot to do with personal preference. For individuals looking for bargain priced sites for their own personal space on the internet, there are many different options that will allow them to have the exact domain name they want, just without the typical .com or .net extension. For example, there is the new extension of .me which was actually created by the naming commission for people to use for individual websites. Non-profit organizations typically choose the .org extension even though there is nothing official stating they have to stick with it as their extension.

Business Tip - Start Scooping up Names before Your Business is Official

If you intend on starting a new business and have not incorporated yet, make sure to start procuring those domain names before you send in the paperwork to make your small business official. Business incorporations are public record and there are some with an entrepreneurial spirit who will buy up domain names of businesses that have recently incorporated.

These entrepreneurs will then mark up the cost of the domain name when they offer to sell it to your company. The mark up can be double, triple, one hundred times or more what they paid to register that domain. They can park whatever they wish on the site too, including links to competitors. It is legal and for the person doing the work it can be very lucrative so be aware of this when you are creating your business.

Researching the internet for your company name can prevent problems as well. There very well may be another company with the same name. As part of creating a business, you will be researching to make sure your name is not already trademarked; their web presence is a very quick way to check before delving deeper into trademark research.

The auto manufacturer Nissan, for instance, does not and likely will never own The domain was registered well before the car manufacturers realized the power of the internet to sell cars. The person with the last name Nissan instead registered it in 1994 and has consistently kept it registered ever since. In naming your new business, be sure it is available as a business name before deciding on it.

Registering Your Domain

There are two ways you can go about registering your domain names and extensions you have chosen. You can use one of the independent registration companies or let your web hosting company do the work. There are benefits to each and depending on how you plan on using your site, you should consider them both.

◉ Benefits of Independent Registration - By registering your domains through an independent site they are truly yours. You will have ownership of the domains and extensions no matter where you go. If you start with bargain hosting for an up-start business and realize you need better customer support and decide to change web hosting companies, your domains easily and seamlessly are carried over to the new company. You control the domain and can sell the domain name at any time to anyone. If your business gets sold, the domain ownership can be transferred immediately.

◉ Benefits of Registering your Domain with your Web Hosting Company - Your web hosting company will often make the registration process easier and quicker. They will remind you when it is time to renew and often offer subsidized prices for domain registration and renewal. However, because they helped register the domain, they can cause some issues should you want to transfer the domain name to another web hosting company. In many cases, the hosting company owns the domain instead of the person or business and while they won't sell out from underneath you, they can choose not to transfer it should you wish to change companies.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

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There are many reasons you may consider changing web hosts. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current provider's support or features. Perhaps you found a better price elsewhere and you simply cannot pass up the savings. Regardless of why you want to move from one web host to another there are several considerations before doing so.

You want your move to be smooth with little to no down time. You want your customers or viewers to have a seamless transition so your site is not disrupted. Of course, sometimes something may go wrong but with a little planning you can mitigate the possibility of problems.

Save your Site Now

You do not even want to think about moving from one host to another without properly backing up your entire site. If something happens and you lose your files, you will be sure to have a back up copy you can use to restore. It is best to manually back up all your files in case there are incompatibilities between your existing host and your new one. Make sure to budget ample time for the back up to run. You may be surprised how long it takes to back up all of your files.

Research your New Web Host

It is possible you are moving from one host that has a certain set of features to another with the exact same. Possible but not likely. Therefore, you may run into compatibility problems and at the very least you will need some pertinent information in order to properly move what you need to. You will need the following in order to move to your new host:

◉ Find out what means they allow for uploading files and make sure you have it available to quickly upload your site. The minimal need would be a proper FTP client.

◉ Get the DNS information for your new host and make sure you have your domain account information so you can quickly modify settings when needed.

◉ Make sure you have your temporary URL handy so you can test your site before changing your DNS.

◉ Have a list of all the server information in order to make necessary script changes so your scripts will run properly.

Pre Move Etiquette

Let everyone know you are going to move and over what period of time it will occur. Whether you have a business or personal site it is simply good etiquette to inform your users that you are moving so they do not wonder what has happened in case you are down or experience problems. Your users will understand that sometimes these things are necessary and sometimes they can even be your best asset by letting you know if there are any lingering problems that escaped your notice after the move. Let them know when you will move then let them know when the move is finished.

During the Day of the Move

Make a plan of action for your move. Schedule the time you will move for the slowest day and the slowest time of day. This way as few people as possible will be disrupted by the process. Have a list of all the steps you need to take in order to move including details of file structure so you can ensure all files copied correctly. Once all the files are uploaded completely, test your site using the temporary URL. Use your check list of pages on your site to visit each one and ensure it is working properly. Once this is done you can change your DNS. Make sure you tell your visitors what you are doing so they can help identify problems.

After the Move

Once all your files are moved and all your testing is done you can then change your DNS. Log into your domain host's account and change the settings to your new host. It used to take up to forty eight hours for the domain to propagate fully but it typically occurs very quickly these days so most of your users will be able to identify any problems shortly after moving.

If there are any issues you can always go back to your old host and make changes. After a few days if you have discovered no problems, cancel your old account and you can be sure your move was successful.

Planning for all contingencies as well as being very organized will ensure your move from one web host to the next runs smoothly. Make sure you back up your site at your old host, gather everything you need prior to moving, inform your viewers and write out an organizational plan before you move. Once you are finished moving your files test your site thoroughly before changing DNS. Once you are done testing, only then should you change your DNS.

Even if everything seems to be working fine, wait a few days to be sure before cancelling your account at your old host. If you follow all the steps your move will go smoothly and you will have fewer chances of something going wrong. Of course, sometimes the unexpected may happen but with proper steps, you can reduce the odds of dealing with them.

Monday, 27 July 2020

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Blogging is extremely popular these days. Many businesses and personal sites use it to communicate with their customer base or visitors. Some people even use blog software as a CMS or content management system. There are several blogging platforms available, many for free but easily the most popular and most used is WordPress.

WordPress is a free, open source blogging software that is easy to set up, easy to use and is highly customizable making is a leader in the industry. Because so many people use it WordPress web hosting has become its own niche in the industry.

Why Blog and Use WordPress Web Hosting?

Personal and business sites use blogging frequently for various means. For businesses, blogging is a great way to keep customers engaged and allow them to interact as a community. In addition, it keeps fresh content on the site and helps to increase search engine optimization by encouraging traffic and incoming links.

The same holds true for personal sites that use their blogging as a means to make additional money with the use of pay per click advertising. Many personal sites also use blogging strictly as a means of entertainment, to write about interesting topics they wish to and share them with friends, family and any general public who stumbles upon them.

Why Does WordPress Web Hosting Need its Own Niche?

Cheap web hosting often offers one click install of blogging software including WordPress. This is a great additional script for web sites. However, sites that strictly use WordPress as either a blogging tool or also as a Content Management System use significantly fewer resources than other sites because there is only one script being run. Customers who only use this one script feel other web hosting solutions are too expensive because they are paying for a lot more than they will ever use. So, WordPress web hosting evolved to accommodate the needs of the customers who demanded another option.

There is cheap web hosting available with servers that are compatible with WordPress installs but give you other features as well and there is also WordPress or blogging specific packages that are offered at a cheaper rate. Whichever one you choose, you will have a bargain rate for your blogging needs using WordPress.

What to Look for in a Word Press Web Hosting Package

If you have a new site and you plan to use WordPress blogging software, one click installation is probably a selling point for you. This makes installation and set up of the software incredibly easy. Some web hosts specialize in catering to the WordPress community and also offer additional free templates that you can choose from to set up your blog. You don't need to have any experience with coding or graphic design you simply plug in the template by following the directions.

If you have an existing blog you will already know what resources you need. But if you are just starting out you may want to go with the smallest available package and make sure you can upgrade if you need to as you get more popular. Some other features you may want to consider include:

◉ High Uptime Percentage - If you have a busy blog you do not want your blog unavailable to your viewers for prolonged periods. Personal sites may lose viewers when they cannot see your blog posts and it may cause a loss of revenue for businesses.

◉ Robust Servers - While you may start off small if you have a topic that is interesting to people you may find that your traffic starts to grow. If you get to be too large, though, you may use a lot of the host server's resources, causing degradation of services on your site as well as those sharing the server with you. Slowness on your site can leave viewers and customers frustrated causing them to leave.

◉ Reliable and Fast Customer Support - If you ever do have a problem you want to be sure your needs are addressed as soon as possible so you can get back to business as usual quickly. If you have a host with a highly trained 24/7 customer service staff you will likely get your needs addressed quickly.

◉ Good Reputation - One of the best ways to reduce the odds of a negative experience is to search for referrals. Look for other bloggers who have used the WordPress web host you are considering before committing to a package. If they have had a good experience with the host, odds are you will too because you are using the hosting space for similar purposes.

WordPress web hosting is a great way to accommodate your blogging needs. WordPress is the most common and most popular blogging software today. Because of this popularity many hosts concentrate on ensuring they cater to the WordPress community. Many web hosts offer affordable hosting with one click installs of WordPress. Other hosts have WordPress specific hosting plans that allow you to blog at an affordable rate.

Friday, 24 July 2020

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If you are looking for web hosting solutions for your website you may be confused as to which hosting option to choose. You can choose between free and paid hosting, or shared and dedicated hosting. Then there are other hosting solutions such as virtual private servers (VPS) or cloud hosting. With all the solutions you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

If you feel your site is going to be rather popular, yet you do not have the knowledge or staff to deal with administering all the server possibilities, it may be beneficial to consider a managed web hosting solution.

What is managed web hosting?

Simply put, managed web hosting is when the web host takes care of the operation of the server so that you don't have to. It used to be that managed web hosting was a term specifically applied to dedicated hosting. This is still the most prevalent use of managed hosting but you can find managed services these days applied to other hosting solutions such as co-location, cloud hosting or VPS.

If you do not have the knowledge to set up your server space the way you need to in order to conduct your business, or if you find you do not have the time to do so, a managed hosting solution may be an ideal option to consider.

Who uses managed web hosting services?

There are two basic reasons managed web hosting is used. It is used by both individuals and businesses to minimize the amount of hands on IT work that needs to be performed on the server in order to keep it maintained:

◉ Limited IT Knowledge - Some websites are highly popular and need a more robust web hosting solution. However, the business owner or the staff may concentrate on the business as opposed to the hosting solution and simply do not have the knowledge to administer the server space properly. They can then rely on the web hosting managed services to ensure everything is set up properly.

◉ Limited Time - Even if there are available resources they may be dedicated to other tasks and hence, there may not be enough time to properly administer the server as needed. Instead of a need for knowledge there is a lack of time available to devote to it, thus managed services are a convenience.

What is included in managed hosting services?

If you are considering paying the additional cost for managed services you want to know what is included in that cost. All web hosts have various services that they consider managed. Some provide particular services as part of a package and then some are available a la carte and only paid for whenever you need them. You may find:

◉ Trouble shooting
◉ Server monitoring
◉ On call maintenance
◉ Hardware upgrading
◉ Software upgrading
◉ Software installation
◉ Backup services
◉ Security auditing
◉ Control panel set up

Benefits of managed hosting services

Managed hosting services are available at an additional fee. This may seem like an expensive way to host a web site. However, there are many advantages you will possess by choosing managed services that often make it a great value, even though it may not be the least expensive:

◉ If you have an IT staff, their time can be better utilized with other functions. Professional IT staff are expensive so you want to make the most of their talents. The web host is often better suited to handling critical server issues because of their concentrated knowledge. Often issues can be handled quicker and more efficiently allowing your own IT resources to be free for other tasks.

◉ If you decide to administer your hosting needs yourself you may find that it is a highly expensive venture. Because a web host is in a position to demand bulk rates for bandwidth, server space, hardware parts and software you will very often save a lot of money overall.

◉ The web host will provide much greater security and increased performance by using the technology available through the datacenter. This means that your website will be available and reliable for your customers.

◉ You can never guarantee that something will go wrong during working hours. It is usually cost prohibitive to have your own IT staff available 24/7 just to monitor your servers. However, the web host will often already have available 24/7 support staff who will monitor your server and deal with any possible issue that may arise.

Managed web hosting services are not cheap. You will pay extra for the benefit of having the web host's technical support staff available to you. You may pay for it for a monthly fee or on an a la carte basis whenever you need specific services. However, just because you are paying extra for it does not mean it is not worth it. With all the advantages you are likely going to pay less for managed services than you will if you have to hire someone to deal with it yourself. Therefore you are, in fact, procuring better value for your money.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Multiple Domain Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

Multiple domain web hosting is incredibly common. Web hosting companies encourage this and many people who use web hosting find that multiple domains not only makes sense but are in fact becoming more and more necessary.

There are a number of reasons for having multiple domains and any web hosting company that wants to be considered competitive will allow hosting of multiple domains from one web hosting account.

What is the reason for having multiple domains?

There are many reasons to have multiple domains. One of the most common is simply because the person with the web hosting account has multiple projects on the web under different domain names. They choose to host them all off their web hosting account, which allows them to more easily manage all the web sites they have up.

By utilizing one primary hosting account the user can see statistics and manage the mail server for all of the domains from one control panel and having email redirected from one domain to another is easier when it is all handled internally.

Another incredibly common reason to have multiple domain names registered is to make sure that the person who owns a .com name also owns the .net and other internet extensions. It can be very difficult to do business should a business own and use the .com but a competitor or spammer gets hold of the .net extension.

Some businesses have even gone so far as to secure other domains with similar names or misspellings. The most notable instance of this was when misspellings of one of the most popular web portals and search engines would take the person to a page with explicit material. That site now owns those domains and likely paid a pretty penny for them. When a company or person has multiple domains that need to go to one location, redirecting them is very easy to do and can be handled within the control panel for all of them.

Other web hosting customers will set up mirror sites for each domain to better track traffic to each extension simply to know if there is one that is working better than the others.

Security - Another factor worthy of consideration

For those really serious about security, having multiple domains on their web hosting account can significantly enhance security. Rather than having all of the administrative functions associated with email addresses revolving around the domain that the public sees, many individuals and businesses will have a secondary domain name that is often a random selection of numbers and letters at a lesser used extension as their primary administrative domain. This domain is not published but is registered to the person.

Some web hosting companies perform this type of protection automatically as it is becoming more and more common place. It also allows the web hosting company to give the customer a parking spot while other domain names are purchased.

How do I go about getting multiple domains?

There are several ways that a person or business can go about securing domain names. Often for both ease of use as well as procuring a higher level of convenience, web hosting clients will in fact utilize their primary web hosting company to secure any domains they may require. While this is convenient and easy to do, there are several downsides to this option as well.

The biggest downside is when you have the web hosting company do the work; they often subsidize the costs and ultimately are the ones that own the domain. If you decide to change web hosting companies, getting the domain at that point can become a problem. Some web hosting companies will be easy to work with but others will be difficult in the hopes that you just give up and stay with their web hosting services.

The other route to go with registering domain names is to go through a domain registration company. The benefits of going with a domain registration service are in the end the person who registers the domain owns the domain. The other benefit is that at times the registration of domains more directly is cheaper than using one's web hosting company to do this service for them. The downside to this method of obtaining domains is that once they are registered to a person or company, the web hosting company has to be notified and some background work is performed to make sure that when someone types in that domain it is routed properly to the specified web hosting company the person is using.

Getting multiple domains is really a very easy feat to accomplish and it is incredibly common. All web hosting companies allow multiple domain names, however, some basic packages do limit the number of domains that can be registered to the account.

For the person who is just beginning, this will likely not be a large concern; however, later on it could be an issue. Luckily, most web hosting companies allow their customers to easily upgrade their web hosting package to have more domains very easily.

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If you are shopping around for web hosting solutions, you will likely see the term "shared hosting" quite often. This is especially true if you are looking for budget hosting solutions. The most popular and least expensive of all paid hosting options is shared hosting.

It may seem like you should also jump on the shared hosting bandwagon and it is quite likely that you should. But, shared is not for everyone so before making that decision, know exactly what you are in for and whether shared is really the best option for your hosting needs.

What is Shared Hosting?

In order for your website to appear on the Internet your files, pages and software applications need to reside on a server. That server then connects to the Internet and allows people to access your site.

There are several options of how to get your site on the Internet. You can host your own server in your facility, use another facility (co- location), choose to have your files on one server provided by your host (dedicated hosting) or you can choose to share server space with others at your provider.

Shared hosting means you share the server resources with others. You have complete access to your account and only your account and a set amount of resources and features.

Responsibilities: Your Web Host and You

With shared web hosting the provider is responsible for all server maintenance. General maintenance and upgrades to both server hardware and software are the sole responsibility of the host. The host may, for example, replace drivers or upgrade their operating system software.

You are responsible for your own site. You will use a control panel to have access to your site where you can monitor your traffic, upload files, set up your email and install applications. Most web hosts will not help you maintain your site as part of your hosting package. You will share the server with several other clients. Each of you will be allotted a certain amount of bandwidth, disc space and features that you control via your control panel.

Why Choose Shared Hosting?

While you may not necessarily fit well within a shared hosting environment there is a reason shared hosting is the most popular. It is the most affordable option available for paid hosting solutions. Most individuals, small businesses, medium sized businesses and moderately trafficked web sites will thrive in a shared hosting environment.

Web hosting is a highly competitive industry, thus it is common to find hosts that provide affordable packages rich in features. Some advantages include:

◉ Price - Monthly fees are very affordable and you will often get even more of a discount if you pay in a lump sum for the entire year.

◉ Scalability - Most hosts have a variety of packages. The smallest package comes with the lowest disc space and bandwidth allotments and may also only have a minimum amount of additional features. Then there is typically graduating packages that include additional features for a greater price. You can choose the minimum package you can get away with then upgrade as your site grows.

◉ Features - Most hosts these days have ample options in features that will suit just about everyone's needs. Included in this is often one click installation of popular scripts that will add functionality to your website. Forums, blogs, chat, calendars and more are examples of scripts that may be included in your package.

When Sharing May not be for You

While sharing suits the vast majority of purposes, there are those who are not suited to a shared environment. Enterprise businesses and high traffic sites are among those. The reasons you may not want to consider a shared solution include:

◉ Performance - These days performance is not usually an issue because software and hardware on the server is much more robust and reliable. However, if there is a site that has a spike in traffic, you may see system problems.

◉ File Restrictions - Because everyone on the server must be considered in order to maintain high uptime percentages and to guarantee the security of the server, some applications and functions may be restricted. You may not be able to run particular applications that are needed on your site.

◉ Resource Restrictions - Although many web hosts claim unlimited resources, if you read the fine print you will see this is not really the case. If your site starts off on a shared server and becomes popular, something in your site bogs down the server or you start eating up too much bandwidth you will likely be asked to leave. There is a chance that you may have outgrown the possibility of shared services.

With dedicated hosting you have a lot more freedom to do what you wish and you have a greater amount of resources. However, you will also pay a lot more for those benefits. The fact is, most sites do not need the resources afforded dedicated servers and can instead use shared hosting. But, before making that decision, make sure you know exactly what shared hosting entails and whether or not you will likely fit into that model.



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