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What is ASP Hosting?

With ASP hosting on a Windows-based server, you can run scripts using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology to create interactive pages, provide database access, and more.

Your web hosting provider uses an operating system (OS) to run their servers, just you run an OS on your personal computer. While Linux-run servers are the majority among web hosts, hosts with Windows-driven servers are becoming more common for some websites.

That’s due in no small part to the growing popularity of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP). Now in its third iteration, ASP is a scripting language you can use to create dynamic and interactive Web applications.

ASP was created to work with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS is a built-in Windows component that handles web server and other Internet functions within the Windows operating system.

What is ASP?

ASP is a versatile server-side scripting language. It can be used to create interactive websites, code standalone applications, access databases (such as MySQL or Microsoft Access databases), combine HTML pages, or even to perform simple user customizations like displaying the local date and time for each visitor to a page.

It’s important to keep in mind that ASP, now also called “ASP Classic," should not be confused with its successor, ASP.NET, which was first released in 2002. ASP.NET has many of the same features as ASP, but incorporates a more stable foundation based on Microsoft’s .NET server technology.

Both ASP Classic and ASP.NET languages still remain popular, though. Several famous websites, including Yahoo Music and, run on ASP Classic, as well as Anytime you see a URL ending in “.asp", you’re seeing an ASP-generated web page. Many other pages rely on ASP as well, but use URL redirection to masks its use.

Microsoft has promised continued support for ASP for at least a decade following the release of Windows 8, giving developers and users alike plenty of time to make any necessary upgrades to and replacements on their proprietary and hosted systems, and upgrade to ASP.NET if they wish.

Advantages of ASP Hosting

ASP hosting is a good option if you need interactive web pages and applications that are powerful, yet easy to create and maintain, especially if you use other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office Suite, with your web content.

Because ASP is a server-side scripting language, it requires a web server to execute its tasks. The web server is provided by Microsoft’s IIS, so if your site relies on ASP for its content, you’ll need a Windows server hosting option.

If you use other Microsoft web-friendly products like Office and Exchange Server, integrating your web content with your communication and collaboration systems is a snap.

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