Siteground Hosting

1. First Steps in the Customer Area

1.1 How to access your Customer Area?
1.2 How to Setup your Account Initially?
1.3 How to change/update my details?

2. cPanel, Emails & Domains

2.1 How to access my Control Panel?
2.2 How to Manage your Domain?
2.3 Manage Email Accounts

3. Start a New Website

3.1 How to Upload your Site via FTP?
3.2 How to Install Applications?

4. Transfer an Existing Website

4.1 How to transfer your site content to SiteGround?

eHost Hosting 

1. Wordpress

1.1 How to Install WordPress?
1.2 How to Install WordPress Manually?

2. Email

2.1 How to Create/Delete an Email Forwarder in cPanel?
2.2 How to access your email through cPanel?
2.3 How to Adjust Email Quota in cPanel?
2.4 Exporting and importing emails through Webmail?

3. Technical

3.1 How Do I Run a Traceroute on a Mac?
3.2 How Do I Change My Hosts File?
3.3 What is php.ini ?


1. cPanel

1.1 How to log in and log out of cPanel?
1.2 How to change your cPanel password?

2. Wordpress

2.1 How to install WordPress using Softaculous
2.2 How to install WordPress using the A2 QuickInstaller?

3. Accessing your account

3.1 How to access your account using SSH keys?
3.2 How to access your account using FTP?

4. Security SSL

4.1 Introduction to SSL
4.2 Installing a GlobalSign SSL certificate
4.3 Installing a RapidSSL or Symantec SSL certificate
4.4 Installing a third-party SSL certificate
4.5 Installing a self-signed SSL certificate
4.6 SSL certificate renewal

BlueHost Hosting

1. Email

1.1 Email Account Setup
1.2 Email setup on iOS Devices
1.3 How to Delete a Mass Amount in an Email Account

2. Domain Name

2.1 How to Un-assign a Domain Name?
2.2 Unable to Assign Domain via Domain Manager
2.3 How to Change the Primary Domain

Inmotion Hosting

1. Web Host Manager

1.1 How to Change your Softaculous Theme in WHM?
1.2 How to create a cPanel account within WHM?

2. Premium Website Builder

2.1 Add/Remove the Premium Web Builder from AMP
2.2 Choosing Your Site Type in Premium Web Builder

3. cPanel

3.1 How to switch your cPanel Theme to Paper Lantern?
3.2 How to Perform a Full Backup in cPanel?

4. Domain Names

4.1 How to Register a New Domain Name
4.2 How to Change Your Domain Nameservers in AMP
4.3 How to change domain information in AMP
4.4 How to transfer domains in AMP

Dreamhost Hosting

1. One-Click Install

1.1 How do I install a One-Click Install?
1.2 How do I upgrade a One-Click Install?

2. SSL Certificates

2.2 Renewing your SSL certificate
2.3 How do I install a third-party SSL certificate?

3. PHP

3.1 How do I create a phprc file via FTP?

4. Account Management / Billing

4.1 Account privileges overview
4.2 How do I add or remove account privileges?


1. Database(MySQL)

1.1 Database Management: How To Backup And Restore Your Database
1.2 Working with MySQL databases
1.3 Using phpMyAdmin
1.4 Importing MySQL tables using phpMyAdmin
1.5 Database: How To Repair And Optimize Your Database

2. Domain (DNS)

2.1 DNS Management: How To Update DNS Records
2.2 DNS Management: How To Update MX Records
2.3 DNS Management: DNS Records Explained
2.4 DNS Management: How To Update A Records
2.5 DNS Management: How To Update CNAME Aliases

3. Security (General)

3.1 Online Security: SSLs (Secure Socket Layers)
3.2 Online Security: Hacking And Malware
3.3 Online Security: Dedicated SSLs
3.4 Online Security: Shared SSLs
3.5 Online Security: Extended Validation SSLs


1. Email (HostPapa Advanced Email)

1.1 Create a PHP Contact Form for your website
1.2 How to access the spam folder using webmail
1.3 How to activate HostPapa Basic or Advanced Email
1.4 How to avoid MailChannels errors
1.5 How to change an account from POP to IMAP in Apple Mail

2. Domain Management

2.1 What is a subdomain?
2.2 What is a Primary Domain Name Change and what does it involve?
2.3 Verifying domain registrations, transfers and updates
2.4 Ten tips for choosing the perfect domain name

2.5 HostPapa How to set up a CS-Cart alias domain
2.6 How to connect a domain to Tumblr

3. Domain Names & DNS

3.1 What are the HostPapa nameservers?
3.2 DNS (Domain Name System) Record Definitions
3.3 How to change your HostPapa primary domain

4. Applications

4.2 Data import/export in AbanteCart


4.3 How to delete CS-Cart demo data
4.4 How to fix CS-Cart Add To Cart button problems after installation
4.5 How to fix data import problems during CS-Cart installation 

4.6 How to improve CS-Cart performance
4.7 How to install CS-Cart

Just Host

1. Domains & DNS

1.1 Register a Domain Name
1.2 Transfer Your Domain
1.3 Assign Domains to your Account
1.4 Domain WHOIS Update and Verification
1.5 Modify Your DNS Records

2. Login Management

2.1 How to Reset Your Login Password
2.2 Two-Factor Authentication
2.3 Single Sign-On (SSO)
2.4 How to Update Your Contact Email Address

3. htaccess Tutorial

4. Email Application Setup - iOS Devices

5. Billing Preferences

5.1 View Billing Receipts and Payment History
5.2 Manage Your Renewal Options
5.3 Change Length of Hosting Plan


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