Every SSL certificate contains an expiration date that cannot be modified. Therefore, when you “renew” a certificate, you are actually obtaining a brand-new certificate with a new expiration date for the same domain.

When an SSL certificate nears its expiration date, the following events occur:

◈ Thirty (30), fifteen (15), and seven (7) days before the SSL certificate is due to expire, you receive an automatic e-mail expiration notice from A2 Hosting. This notice reminds you that you must purchase and install a new SSL certificate before expiration to avoid HTTPS access problems.

These intervals are based on the purchase date of an SSL certificate. To confirm the exact expiration date of an SSL certificate, use your web browser to look at the certificate details for the site.

◈ Fifteen (15) days before the SSL certificate is due to expire, A2 Hosting automatically generates an invoice for a new SSL certificate. You have fifteen days to pay the invoice and install the new certificate before the old certificate expires.

If you do not renew an SSL certificate before it expires, the certificate becomes invalid and visitors to your site receive warning messages in their browsers.


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