How to Install your Dedicated SSL

1. Log in to your iPage Control Panel.
2. Go to SSL Certificate.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to purchase and install a Dedicated SSL.

Dedicated SSL FAQ

What is a dedicated SSL

The most common type of SSL that allows your domain to display inside of the web browser URL bar when a user visits your site. Simply speaking, the SSL is 'dedicated' to your domain rather than shared across various users on a server.

Can I apply a dedicated SSL to a specific subdomain

Dedicated SSLs through iPage must be assigned to the 'www' subdomain and are not available for any other subdomain.

Once I install an SSL, can I view my website through the regular 'http://' instead of 'https://'

You lose the benefit of your SSL if you try to visit your website through a nonsecure method ('https' is secure, 'http' is nonsecure). Additionally, many web browsers will throw a security error if you try to visit an SSL website using a nonsecure method. We recommend setting up a 301 redirect to prevent customers from accidentally visiting your website through nonsecure methods.

SSLs and 301 Redirects

You can use a 301 redirect to force website visitors to use a secure 'https' address when visiting your site instead of the regular 'http' address. Using a 301 redirect helps to prevent users from getting 'insecure' or 'unsafe' warnings in their internet browser.

We highly recommend that you set up a 301 redirect whenever you use an SSL. If you are not sure how to set up a 301 redirect.


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