Alongside the email service provided with hosting accounts, HostPapa offers two dedicated email services, HostPapa Basic Email and HostPapa Advanced Email. You can check the email services available on your account via the HostPapa Dashboard.

Log into the dashboard, then select My Services.

You’ll be presented with a list of available services. Use the + (plus) button next to Email to expand the panel.

You can now review the list of services available on your account. In the example below, you can see that both HostPapa Basic Email and HostPapa Advanced Email have been purchased.

Use the Details buttons to view settings for each service. If there are no entries in the Email panel, you may still be able to use the email service provided with your HostPapa shared hosting account. 

Activating HostPapa Basic or Advanced Email

To activate HostPapa Basic or Advanced Email, you’ll need to complete two important steps:

1. Edit your MX record.
2. Configure your new email setup on your computers/devices.

The first two steps are completed within your HostPapa Dashboard. 

Once this is done, you can access your email at any time, from any web browser, using the HostPapa Basic/Advanced Email webmail interface. Webmail is accessible here: or via the Dashboard as explained here.

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Next, if you’d like to access your email from your laptop, smartphone, or other device(s), you’ll need to configure those devices.


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