Tuesday 30 June 2015

Having access to detailed statistics about your account usage makes it way easier to troubleshoot any issues you may have, pinpoint parts of your website that slow it down, or check whether your site is getting popular instead of getting spammed. Until now, our clients could have obtained this information from a few different places, but never on one page organized in a convenient way. We now have deployed on our shared plans a new and more detailed version of our account statistics system for your convenience.

Improved and More Detailed Account Statistics

Where to access the new stats?

Improved and More Detailed Account Statistics

The detailed account statistics are located in your cPanel – look for the Detailed Stats button in the left column of your cPanel. It will take you to a brand new page that's separated into two tabs. Each one of them provides different type of information about your account and the domain names you have in it.

Account Executions and Scripts Stats

In this tab, you will find information for your entire account no matter how many parked or addon domains you have associated with it. There are two things you can see on this page - a graph that shows your CPU usage and account executions, and the top ten most executed scripts for your account. This tab shows you at a glance which scripts are hit most often for your entire account. For example, if you're reaching the number of hits limitation for that account, it's really easy to see which particular script is causing this - it can be a malfunctioning plugin, theme or something like the WordPress heartbeat issue. Whatever it is - you will be able to troubleshoot it way faster and easier.

Domain Hit Stats

In this tab, the information you receive is grouped by the domain names you have associated with your account. Since especially the higher plans give a lot of resources, and many people are using them to host more than one website, it's very useful to see how each domain is performing. Once you select the domain from the drop-down list (they are sorted by the number of hits they get per month) you will get the following information:

Page URL - a list of the ten most-visited pages on that domain name. This data is a great way to check which parts of your site take most resources.
IP Addresses - a list of the IP addresses that have visited your site most often. Useful to see if someone is trying to brute-force your site or spam it.
User Agent - what are the most popular user agents that visit your site. Especially convenient to detect and block spam bots.


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