Friday 19 June 2015

We’ve cooked up a list of things you need to look out for when deciding on your web host. Remember. picking the right host is like picking a good tailor. There are plenty cheap ones out there, some might actually be half as good but when it comes to your website, you’ve got to account for the right things and take learnt decisions.

There is no substitute for good support: A website has a lot of moving parts. Things could break and it’s at such times that a good host makes all the difference, they’re there when you need them the most.

➠ No Ads Please: Not only are these ads annoying, you can forget about making a mark if you’re going this route. No respectable site has irrelevant ads shoved into them.
➠ Local Support: Most hosting companies offer round the clock support these days but it’s a bonus to host with someone from your geography.
➠ Respectable Uptime: A 99.99% uptime has become a norm these days but the difference with a good host is that you will get this kinda uptime with them.
➠ Ready to grow when you are: This may not apply to everyone but is critical for growing businesses. Small players may offer decent shared hosting solutions but when it comes to scaling you’ll be left high and dry. Pick someone who’ll allow you to scale without any trouble.
➠ Check under the hood: Be sure to check the plans in detail. Do they support the apps you want to run? do they offer the infra you need to run your site? What are the limitations, if any? These are the questions you need to ask before you zero in on a web host or a plan.

And so the list goes on but you get the jist. This quick guide sets the stage for things to look out for and the reason behind picking a good hosting provider. If you have additional points to add to list then please do share with us via the comments section below.


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