Wednesday 22 February 2017

Froxlor is an open-source web control panel with a very clean interface. There is IPv6 support, a ticketing system, and an integrated reseller-customer messaging system. It is ideal for ISPs and similar organizations.

⇨ Features

1. True Multistack
Choose per domain which IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses and which ports should be used.

2. Advanced SSL
Determine which ports should use SSL and allow customers to store certificates per domain.

3. PHP-configuration
Save different PHP-configurations and choose per domain which php.ini should be used (FCGI/FPM only).

4. Resellers & Customers
Manage reseller ressources and limit what the customers may use in the dedicated customerpanel.

5. Trafficcalculation
Store dedicated HTTP, FTP and Mail traffic and view it in interactive graphs.

6. Support tickets
Allow your customers to create support tickets and reply directly within Froxlor - with online/offline indictator for the customers.

7. Themeable interface
Style froxlor by overwriting the basis CSS or create your complete own theme.

8. Let's Encrypt
Use free certificates from Let's Encrypt directly from within froxlor.

9. Other Features
MySQL management
Directory protection & settings
Quota management

⇨ Demo
⇨ Source

2016's Ultimate Guide to Web Panels: Froxlor


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