Thursday 1 June 2017

The importance of publicizing your business at every opportunity is high. You might have done all you can by putting posters round your local neighbourhood, advertising in the local press or even by creating pages on social media sites, but none of that is as effective as having your own company website.

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A click away from new customers

Having a website could help your business to expand its customer base through providing details of your services or products, your location and what your business actually does. It’s the best marketing tool you could possibly have, but what will you need in order to make it happen?
To actually build the site, you can do it yourself or hire an experienced web designer, but the first two things you will need are web hosting and a domain. The former is essential to actually provide the capacity for your site, while the latter is the web address which customers can find you at.

The hosting with the most

Hosting is the harder of the two to understand, but there are a few things you need to know. You
should know how much space you need for your site (at least 1GB for small businesses with a limited product range), how much bandwidth is required and what you can get for your money.

There are usually three types of hosting that providers have on offer. They are:

Shared hosting The cheapest option (usually less than £15 a month), it has limited bandwidth but is more than enough for companies with a small number of products or services to sell.

Virtual private servers Although not as handy as having an entire server to yourself, this option can be great value for money, and is ideal for the majority of small businesses as the bandwidth is sufficient enough to cope with any sudden rise in traffic.

Dedicated servers The most expensive option, but also the best for having complete control of your web space.

All three are worth considering, but it’s important to know how many visitors you could have to your site – if you already have one and want to change it, look at where you’re going wrong and learn from your mistakes.

A name that fits

Selecting a domain for your business is a little easier, but you might worry about the speed of a search. Fortunately, hosting specialists said, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time:

“We are aware that technology is constantly advancing and as a result we want to keep improving our features to meet your needs. We’ve speeded up our domain search so that it’s ultra-lightning speed.”

When finding a domain, you should make sure that it’s easy to read, memorable and easy to find on search engines. Should it tick all those boxes, it’s right for your business.


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