Saturday 16 December 2017

Web hosting remains one of the most misunderstood concepts of the technological world, as many individuals and website owners consider it to be far more complicated than it actually is. By misunderstanding its nature and its purpose, however, they are missing out on a considerable opportunity to develop their online venture and brand.

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Essentially, a web hosting service provides the expertise and support required to ensure that your website is accessible through the World Wide Web. Beyond this, modern service providers are able to offer comprehensive and flexible online solutions, so that your business can prosper in a difficult and challenging economy.

The 5 Leading Myths about Web Hosting

With this mind, what are the top 5 myths that distort the general perception of web hosting? Consider the following: -

◉ Web Hosting is Costly and Unaffordable: While many website owners feel that they can ill afford to employ a web hosting service, the truth remains that they can hardly afford not to. Contemporary web hosting services in fact offer excellent value for money, and allow you to focus on driving the creative aspect of your business while they attend to functionality and accessibility of your website.

◉ Web Hosting is an Inflexible Online Solution: Far from being an inflexible and limited online solution, web hosting is in fact extremely malleable to the requirements of consumers. With a number of alternative options including shared and managed hosting available to website owners, you have the influence to determine how you site is operated and whether it has its own private server.

◉ There is No Tangible Financial Return from Web Hosting: If you consider the core purpose of web hosting, then you will understand that a competent service provider can save you significant sums of money over time. For example, in the event of your website going down or experiencing server issues, you will be able to rely on 24 hour technical support network to repair any errors and restore your website within moments.

◉ Only Those who are New to Online Business Need a Web Hosting Service: There is a school of though which suggests that experienced online entrepreneurs need not concern themselves with the intricacies of web hosting, and that it is only truly beneficial to novice website owners. This is a false perception, however, as placing your trust in a reputable service provider can allow you to focus on the more strategic elements of business planning.

◉ Web Hosting Stops with the Procurement of a Domain Name: Web hosting is a diverse and comprehensive online service, and one which goes far beyond the procurement and registration of a viable domain name. Instead, online web hosting services offer their clients a range of innovative solutions and services, covering everything from technical support to the creative elements of website design and theme.

The Bottom Line

Whether you consider yourself to be knowledgeable about web hosting or not, it can do no harm to refresh yourself on exactly what can be gained by employing a reputable service provider. After all, technological advancement is a continually evolving concept, and one which will forever shift the boundaries of possibility and opportunity.


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