Saturday 10 February 2018

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Web hosting forms the core of all kinds of e-business opportunities today. The reason is simple; every website needs a web server to function, and hosting space to secure the files required for its functioning. Web hosting is a big business opportunity in itself, though not too many succeed in deciphering this simple secret!

By making use of reseller hosting plans, you can literally start a brand new web hosting business without investing a fortune and without having any prior expertise.

Needless to mention, no matter how simple it sounds, it is hard work to kick off any business in the world and not everyone's attempts pay off; having said that, if you go by the simple steps described here, you have all the chances in the world to succeed in this field.

1. Choose the Right Reseller Hosting Plan

The reseller hosting plan needs to be chosen wisely, during the initial stages because that's how you'd gain access to wholesale server resources, which can be bifurcated at a later stage, as per your convenience, and then they can be dedicated to your customers as per their needs.

Hence, it becomes a matter of paramount importance that you pay attention to the attributes and features your plan offers before you actually put your money on it. If you buy bulk server resources, you'll naturally be getting big discounts and thus you will be able to tap more profit from your clients.

Yet another thing to be kept in mind is the reliability and reputation of the source, you are buying the hosting reseller plans from.

A reliable source will offer great service, and their reputation will help you grow your business faster, while cheap reseller hosting plans come with their share of pain.

2. Coming Up With Effective Hosting Plans

The key here is to be able to make your web hosting package different from most of the other offerings in the market.

You need to step into the customer's shoes and think realistically what would suit you... The best way is to include more and more services as freebies in your hosting package early on, which are otherwise offered at extra cost by even the top web hosting service providers. As an example, you can offer site creation and SEO in the same package as web hosting, at no extra price; but, again you need to learn how to manipulate the pricing, without letting the customers sense the fact that there's some extra cost involved towards the freebies that you're offering.

3. Branding and Promoting Your Business

Some of the reseller hosting plans give you the liberty of controlling the customer's hosting accounts' control panel and thus you can put the logo of your company over there for promotion and branding. This will show professionalism on your part, which will, in turn, impress your clients, and they might stay longer with you.

You also get some free of cost advertising credits in some of the reseller hosting plans allowing your customers to promote their business across the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can use these free credits for targeting specific audiences through pay per click advertising, which appear either at the top of the search result or on the side of search results.


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