Wednesday 22 August 2018

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Choosing the best dedicated server for WordPress is essential for your business. It doesn’t need to be daunting task. We’ve compiled a great list of frequently asked questions to make this an easier decision.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is one that is totally assigned to your software and website. This means that the server resources—including its memory and computational power—belong to you. It also means that any problems your server has can be diagnosed and repaired immediately. With a dedicated server, all power and control are in your hands.

What Is a Shared Server?

A shared server is an inexpensive option which comes with trade-offs. You share space and resources with other customers using that server. This means that if your website or other websites on the server see a sudden spike in popularity and traffic, it could overwhelm the server and bring down your website during a peak time. One popular post or event can be enough to upset the balance of a shared server. In addition, you share security with other members on that server. If another user’s site gets attacked, your site may also be vulnerable.

Shouldn’t I Host My Site Where I Bought the Domain Name?

You may see hosting plans advertised by the same company where you bought your domain name, but it’s absolutely not a requirement to stick with them for your hosting. In fact, it’s common practice to buy a domain name from one company (the “domain registrar”) and buy hosting from another. Your domain name is yours; where you park it is up to you.

What Should I Look for to Find the Best Dedicated Server for WordPress?

Here are some tips to help you find the right option.


You want a server that offers WordPress-specific support, automatic backups, 24/7 access, and timely turnaround for any support tickets.

Ease of Use

It should be easy to build your site and customize it the way you need to. Transitions for those leaving their former hosting providers should be easy, as well. A great dedicated server provider will offer free migration services.


You want a server that can accommodate your needs in both bandwidth and SSD storage. It should also scale to fit your needs. Look for solutions that can make upgrade transitions easy and painless. You’ll want one that won’t charge setup fees for upgrades and can take place within one business day.

SSL Certification

SSL Certification is necessary for any website that is monetized through e-commerce. Your dedicated server company should have SSL Certification solutions to meet your needs.


The speed and performance of your website affects its search engine rankings. Slow loading pages, image upload delays, frozen animations, and more can cause visitors to immediately click away.


A dedicated server adds an additional layer of security for your site. This protects your customers’ information, financial information, and user experience.


You want a provider that will backup your site’s content on a regular basis. This prevents catastrophic failures—such as complete loss of content, customer information, and more.

Uptime Guarantees

If your site is down, your business suffers. Downtime can shake the confidence of your customers and your reputation will suffer. You want a server that can guarantee 100% uptime for their clients.

A dedicated server for WordPress has many benefits for your website and your business. Your website deserves to be handled with care and consideration. Your company and your online reputation rely on your server being secure and reliable.

The power is now in your court to select the best dedicated server for WordPress meets your needs. Our custom solutions are built to fit your budget and performance requirements.


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