Wednesday 14 November 2018

If you are thinking of creating a website for your business, it’s likely that you have researched enough to know about our hosting solutions to put your business on the Internet, such as hosting and site builder.

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But do you know the difference between them? And what is right for your business? Below, we’ll help you decide. Check it:

Website Hosting

Staying in a hotel room means you pay to occupy space or a room for a period of time, right? Well, to work, online content – such as blogs, websites, and online stores – must be stored within a large computer called server. Hiring hosting service for a website means renting a space within a server to store all the information of your website.

The hosting works as an online folder, which contains all the information of your website, including administrative data to which only you have access, and as an extremely versatile platform that you can use to start building your site. For this, there are several platforms that you can install via cPanel, such as WordPress, which is one of the most popular tools for creating blogs and websites, and Magento, specializing in eCommerce.

If you have no experience in creating websites or a professional technology to create the design for you, you can find it a little difficult to do this in the beginning. In this case, it is better to opt for the option below.

Website Builder

They are ideal for anyone who needs to create a website in a short time and has no knowledge of IT or web design. With simple and intuitive systems, you can even create pages, add text, photos, maps and videos using ready and editable templates.

To air, the site created using a site builder, it must also be hosted on any server. But in these cases, you usually don’t need to worry, because the hosting is already included in the package.

They are designed to be simple. To build and manage the sites made with site builders, you may not have all the flexibility and other features that a site created from scratch has.

This makes a big difference in hosting and website builder is that in addition to the first being a platform and the second a tool, the hosting behaves as a blank canvas, a platform where you can create a website in the way you want, provided you have some knowledge or a professional to develop your project. Meanwhile, the site builder is a tool designed for those who want something simple and fast, in which creation can be much more limited.

Before choosing between a conventional hosting and a site builder, evaluate what are your goals with your website, whether or not you have someone who can develop it and be sure to consult with our team to know about other available options!


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