Wednesday 2 January 2019

Web hosting plays an important role in the success of any website. There are a lot of options that you can choose from when you are deciding a host for your website. The best option will depend on a variety of factors that you have to set. The needs of an individual site are different from the needs of multiple websites. You have to take this into consideration.

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It has been a tradition that many organizations have their own IT department. However, as technology evolves, the skills that are required to oversee the core IT infrastructure are becoming more and more complicated. The people who are knowledgeable on these things are becoming more expensive and harder to recruit.

This is why companies and organizations have come to a conclusion to outsource the required skill sets in order to save on resources. There are two options for the companies that are entertaining this idea:

◈ Colocation hosting
◈ Managed hosting

Colocation vs Managed Hosting

Colocation hosting and managed hosting share some characteristics and give the same benefits. However, they are two different options for an organization that must be differentiated very well.

Colocation Hosting

This is a hosting that uses a secure method. For businesses that require an IT company at a lower cost, colocation is the way to go. The hardware that will serve as the data center can be placed in someone’s rack and then you can use the bandwidth as your own. The hosting company will be responsible for providing the necessary things such as power, IP, and bandwidth. When the server is up and running, your business will be able to access the website.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

◈ Connection is faster and you can save a lot with the subscription to a good DSL.

◈ Colocation facilities are not very much affected by power outages because they have generators to keep the website running even though the weather is not as good. you will not experience temperature changes or power surges in colocation hosting.

◈ Moving offices need not be a hassle. You do not have to worry about pulling someone’s wire in the office.

◈ Technical support of colocation hosting is very excellent.

◈ Upgrade can be easily done. There is no need to wait for the web hosting provider to do the updates.

Managed Hosting

This is a type of dedicated hosting where your website and all server issues are managed by a team of experts so that clients can focus on running their business.

Advantages of Managed Hosting

◈ Being experts, you can be sure that your site is secure and in good hands.

◈ Support is round-the-clock. Managed hosting customer support groups are on standby 24/7 to provide assistance to their clients. You can never tell when problems may arise.

◈ You get to have a higher bandwidth and a bigger web space. You do not share the server with other owners so there is a higher uptime and the traffic that goes in is yours alone.

◈ You save a lot and you get more value for your money. Managed server providers are managed by experienced staff that live and breathe their work. While it is not cheap, it can be cost-effective in the long run.

◈ Managed hosting plans offer a large array of features that you will find useful for your business.

Colocation hosting and managed hosting each has its own benefits. There is no perfect hosting but there is the best hosting that will suit your needs.


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