Friday 7 June 2019

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using Linux web hosting. But, it’s a decision you must make before selecting a web hosting company.

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Choosing your web hosting package is so much more complicated than choosing different types of web hosting. There are thousands of hosts, but the decision between Linux and Windows is a question I get asked over and over. One of the bigger questions you need to consider is the platform you use. There are a lot of software platforms out there on the market. But, really only two when talking about web hosting. Sometimes the choices can become way too overwhelming. Sometimes we end up asking ourselves, “which one is the right fit?”

One of the more popular operating system to choose from and use is Linux. The other popular brand of software platform happens to be Windows. I did write an article on the pros and cons of Windows.

It’s important to identify what CMS you’re going to use. If you use, WordPress Linux might be a better option for you. But, Windows will allow WordPress to be installed. It just takes a little bit of extra added effort.

Today, though, we will be looking at the Linux System. Below you will find a list of pros and cons associated with the Linux Web Hosting platform.

Linux Hosting Advantages:

◈ It’s an open source operating system. This means that a bulk of your resources, tools and software programs will be free. This is perfect for those who are being mindful of their business and/or personal spending. It’s also perfect for those looking to experiment with the different options Linux provides. You can experiment with each thing, without worrying if it’s going to cost you a dime.

◈ Linux has an amazing reputation. It’s so good that it has even surpassed the Windows platform, in some respects. Yes, there are scheduled downtimes. Yes, you will need to navigate through that. However, when being compared to Windows, it’s really not a big issue.

◈ Security is quite good with Linux hosting. You can easily customize your security settings. It’s a little bit easier to adjust your security settings as opposed to using a Windows server.

◈ The cost can be both a pro and a con. Linux is open source software which means you don’t have to pay a licensing fee. However, the truth is, it’s not necessarily going to give you a better deal or package. The other con is that you will have to deal with installing applications. Some of these applications can end up costing you a monthly fee. This could add up to some extra costs.

◈ Linux does support lots of scripts. It’s important to check which scripts and applications you’re going to need before using Linux hosting. Linux web hosting supports PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python.

Linux Hosting Disadvantages:

◈ There can be some migration issues. If you are already using Windows for your hosting, then it might take some time to switch everything over. Please expect some wait time with this. Due to this con, it’s best to use this platform as a “starting point” for your server. I would recommend backing up your data frequently. This will save on any issue you might have.

◈ There could be some issues with familiarity. This kind of goes along with the migration issues. Developing websites do take work, and a different operating system could require an extra learning curve.

◈ Linux is not as developed as Windows. It’s open source software, so it’s proprietary software. Windows tends to be more highly-evolved. Please take this into consideration. This is not to say that it’s not as good as Windows. Security patches could be delayed with Linux hosting, though.


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