Friday 21 June 2019

Many-a-times it so happens that you purchase a domain name but before you can set up your website some issue arises. It could be anything from wanting to postpone the launch of the website or a backend issue and so, you have to wait! Well in such a scenario what would you do? Do you neglect the domain name or wait till you can figure out what next! The best way is to wait and the simplest way to do this is by parking your domain.

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Let us have a look at what does parked domain mean:

Domain Parking is a process wherein you as an owner of the domain name can retain the domain name (say, for example, without hosting a functional website on it. In simple words, you can reserve your domain for future use with a ‘work in progress’ or an ‘under construction’ page.

Having covered what is a parked domain the next logical question that comes to mind is, why to use domain parking. There are several reasons why domain name owners would like to park their domain, let us see some of them:

1. To reserve it for the future

Many times, it might happen that you like a domain name but, you don’t know much about how to set up a website or need some time to do so. However, once you sort the idea in your mind and decide to set up the website, you see the domain name is no longer available.To save yourself from this hassle, you can park your domain. This way the domain is yours and no one else can register it until it expires.

2. Website not yet set up

In the first scenario, you didn’t have an idea of what kind of a website you wished to set up. However, sometimes it may also be possible that you have both the domain name as well as the idea for the website and yet your website isn’t up. This can happen due to several reasons. Some of them being- you’re unable to decide on the web hosting provider or it can be delayed due to some technical/personal reasons. Parking your domain name at a time like this helps you keep the domain till the issue is resolved.

3. Wish to shut down your website

Till now we’ve seen situations wherein your domain name doesn’t point to a website. But what if you already have a website? There are times you may be running more than one website and wish to discontinue one. But instead of discontinuing the functioning of your website immediately, you wish to wait till your domain name expires. In this case, you can opt for parking your domain and earn income from it.

4. Additional earning

One of the strongest reasons to park your domain is that you can earn money from it. Generating income from a non-functional domain name is easy. You can post advertisements & if someone visits your page and clicks on the advertisement, you get paid. Your revenue is generated based on the traffic and follows the pay-per-click model. This is one of the simplest ways to earn money and the best is you don’t have to do much. You should though, take care of the kind of content that is being displayed on your page.

Now that you know why you would want to opt to park your domain name.

You can either check with your registrar, if they offer domain parking facility or if they don’t provide this, then you can go for Sedo. Sedo stands for “Search Engine for Domain Offers” it is a professional web address trading platform. Also, it being a free service provider it is easy to set up and earn money. Moreover, you can cancel parking your domain at any given point.

At the end, even though you may have had the question as to what does parked domain mean with it sounding like an alien concept it isn’t, it is easy to understand & implement. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you research well on which domain you wish to park and where.


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