Monday 12 August 2019

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Now an Adobe product, Cold Fusion is one of the most powerful programming languages available. As a server-side scripting technology, it is used to create dynamic web pages and applications, quite similar to languages such as ASP, Perl and PHP. Cold Fusion gives developers the ability to create and deploy interactive features that power self-service applications, content management systems, e-commerce sites and much more. As a tag-based language, it is said to be one of the most comprehensive programming tools to use in the world. In order to enjoy all Cold Fusion has to offer, you need a web hosting provider that supports it.

This article will go over the factors you must consider when looking for Cold Fusion hosting.

Available Version

When it comes to Cold Fusion hosting, it is always best to choose a web hosting provider that offers the most recent version of the language. This will allow you to benefit from the latest features to create powerful, user-friendly web pages and applications. It also makes it much easier to integrate the language with the database system you prefer to work with.

Possible Limitations

Choosing the right Cold Fusion solution is very important as some environments prevent you from getting its full potential. For example, there are a few shared hosting providers that will limit the use of its tags because they are often viewed as security risks. This is mainly due to the mere structure of a shared server. This is very understandable as the vulnerability of your site opens potential threats to everyone else hosting on the server. You can get around these limitations by opting for dedicated server hosting. Though it is considerably more expensive, dedicated hosting gives you complete control over which tags can or cannot be used on the server.

Cold Fusion Features

Cold Fusion is a powerful feature in its own right but there are some minimal requirements. Most web hosting providers will set you up with everything required to get the maximum use out of this dynamic programming language. All that is really needed to excel with Cold Fusion is a complimenting database to provide back-end in support for your web applications. This shouldn’t be a problem as Cold Fusion integrates seamlessly with popular databases such as MySQL, Postgre SQL and MS SQL.

Cost Factor

Lastly, you need to consider the budget you have available to put towards a Cold Fusion hosting package. Because it is one of the oldest languages around, you can find Cold Fusion offered in many low cost hosting packages. However, some companies charge a pretty penny for all the advanced functionality it offers, especially when bundled with compatible Microsoft products.

In the end, it is mainly the complimenting features such as bandwidth and software add-ons that will impact the cost of Cold Fusion hosting solution.

While it goes without saying, Cold Fusion hosting is something you should only seek when having a specific need for the functionality it offers. Though it may not be as popular as ASP or PHP, the language is widely available. As with any hosting service, the most important aspects of this niche are reliability and quality technical support. A stable platform will give you all the ammunition you need to thrive with a Cold Fusion website.


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