Friday 30 August 2019

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Having the right kind of hosting account for your website is crucial to the success and sustenance of your online business. Making the wrong choice could result in loss of traffic, and several other server mishaps which ultimately decrease the value and reputability of your eCommerce efforts. Poor server management and resource allocation can cause anything from slow page loads to server crashes, and even decreased search engine ranking.

If you are opening a serious online business then you will want to consider a very high end hosting account such as VPS or dedicated hosting. As in any other business endeavor, the more features and capabilities you have access to, the more responsibilities you’ll have to deal with. Since VPS and dedicated hosting accounts are generally more complex, you’ll either need to have extensive technical knowledge, or a solution that provides adequate technical support and server administration.

Dedicated Hosting Types

The most expensive form of web hosting offered by most web hosting providers is dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting you’ll be bale to lease a web server that is completely dedicated to your site’s needs. Dedicated servers are also very powerful, and capable of handling immense traffic surges and data transfer tasks. If you own a corporation or a medium to large sized business, then you will want to consider a dedicated hosting account. However since dedicated servers are so powerful, there are also more administrative responsibilities to deal with. Thus, there are two types of dedicated hosting accounts – managed and unmanaged.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

The most affordable type of data hosting is unmanaged hosting. This kind of hosting does not include technical support or on-site server administration. Instead, you’re required to handle the server administrative tasks by yourself. Since you do not have to pay for the on-site support, the cost is lowered, however most people do not have the necessary technical knowledge to administer their dedicated server remotely. Thus, the most popular form of dedicated web hosting is managed dedicated hosting.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

If you are not tech savvy, yet you have a high demand for web server resources, then you will need to consider a managed dedicated web hosting account. Managed dedicated web hosting costs more than unmanaged services simply because you have to pay for the added cost of server administration. If you are on a budget, or own a small business, then dedicated web hosting of any kind is probably not for you. The main confusion that arises when people are searching for a dedicated hosting account is exactly what is included in the service.

Some web hosting providers only offer partially managed dedicated hosting accounts, while others offer fully managed services. The less technical knowledge you have, the more support you will need. If you have absolutely no experience with server administration, then you should probably look for a reputable and reliable hosting provider that offers fully managed dedicated hosting. Fully managed dedicated web hosting is perfect for individuals that are in need of a powerful web server and maximum convenience.


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