Monday 9 September 2019

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More small and medium sized companies are thriving due to the benefits of managed hosting. However, with the popularity has come various myths about this service that have done nothing but confuse interested customers. To keep you in line with the facts, this article will debunk five of the most common misconceptions about managed hosting.

1.) Managed Hosting is a Completely Outsourced Solution

The way some describe it, managed hosting is a type of service that completely alleviates you from server administration and daily management tasks, a fully outsourced service that does not require you to lift a finger. In most cases, this isn’t true. While you typically get far more automated assistance than offered by a dedicated hosting provider, the level of managed services all depends on the price, package and host you select. Even when signing on for a fully managed contact, you will still be responsible for design, promotion and the basic administration of your site.

2.) Only Inexperienced Users Need Managed Services

Many have the misconception that managed hosting is strictly designed for businesses and individuals who lack the abilities needed to maintain a web server. This comes from the fact that managing a dedicated server requires a certain level of technical skills, which is the reason that several choose to outsource these tasks to another company. Be that as it may, managed hosting can benefit all types of customers, even those who are well versed in administration and know their way around a web server.

3.) Managed Hosting is More Reliable

Almost all companies will promise you a respectable uptime and reliable service. The same holds true for managed hosting providers. Although you have your own server, there are still many incidents that could possibly result in service interruptions and downtime. The reliability you get from a managed hosting solution all depends on the company you choose. If they have taken the time to build a stable infrastructure with redundant systems, downtime should be a very rare occurrence.

4.) Managed Hosting is More Secure

One of the biggest misconceptions you can fall into is automatically assuming that a managed hosting provider will keep your server secure. Most companies take the necessary steps to detect and prevent common threats such as malware, intrusion, DDoS attacks and other exploits. What you should know is that no server or web hosting system is ever 100% protected. Different strains of malicious software are released on a frequent basis and hackers grow more sophisticated everyday. This is why it is so important for both you and your managed hosting provider to make security a priority.

5.) Managed Hosting is Cost Prohibitive

In general, managed hosting is more expensive that your typical dedicated server plan. However, it can also result in tremendous cost savings for your business. These savings are obtained by the fact that you don’t have to make any costly upfront investment on hardware, software or infrastructure. You can also spare yourself from having to hire a professional IT team. At the very least, you can keep staffing expenses to a minimum. Over the long run, managed hosting can be far more cost effective than leasing a dedicated server.


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