Friday 11 October 2019

Today, reseller hosting is one of the best ways to earn extra income. One doesn’t require having a deep knowledge about web hosting. Also, you don’t need to be technically skilled. All the technicalities and server management tasks are handled by the web hosting provider itself. You don’t need to bang your head on any issues that you or your clients will face. Just concentrate on your business and grow your customer base by making your service unique from others.

Do you know that reseller hosting also allows you to sell only domains? It means you can become a domain reseller.

Who is a Domain Reseller?

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An individual or company that buys domains from a domain reselling company and sells the domains at a suitable price to the customers is called a domain reseller. Mostly, clients who want a website but aren’t able to get a desired domain name of their choice, approach the domain registration resellers. Then the reseller helps the clients to get the alternative domain names and obtain the domain name of their choice. Furthermore, a domain reseller business requires minor set up cost while the cost of operation is also unexpectedly low.

Origin of the Domain Reseller Business

Prior to the origin of domain reseller business, becoming a domain registrar required heavy infrastructure investment and it would take a long time to recover the start-up cost. Additionally, since the marketplace was highly competitive and crowded, to start a new domain registration business would be risky. This is because of low margins and requirement of large volumes to make the business sustainable. Alternatively, quite less investment is required to start a domain reseller business and it’s very easy to start this business. Therefore, domain name reselling business came into spotlight and has become a popular business extension and also a divergence for many web hosting companies, web designers, etc.

Getting Started with Your Domain Reseller Business

Becoming a domain reseller is a sound business proposition due to the rapid growth of web services. Since many users are planning to create their online presence, domain reseller business is the most profitable business in the online world today. It is very easy to sell domains and web services. You simply need to select your reseller plan, sign-up for a reseller account and start with your business.

Domain Reseller Account Working

ENOM is a domain registrar from where one can register the domain. With this, they can register the new domains for themselves or their clients. But prior to starting their domain registration business, they need to refill their account with a certain amount.

Resellers can even integrate their ENOM Domain Reseller Account with their billing system such as WHMCS so that the domain registration process becomes automatic. They don’t need to manually register the domain. When the customer completes the order for the domain registration, the reseller just has to accept the order from WHMCS to register that domain.

Tips to Boost Your Domain Reseller Business

Attractive Pricing:

Reseller Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews
The pricing of your domain reseller plans will have a great impact on your business sales. Therefore, select a reseller plan that offers good discounts on domains formerly. In case the domain registrar charges you heftily, you won’t be able to sell domains at a good price. At what price will you buy the domain? What is the price your customer will pay? What price will get you maximum profit? There are some of the factors that will give an idea about selecting the best plan that helps you earn best profits.

Regular Promos & Offers:

Reseller Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

A good offer or a promo is what customers mostly get attracted to. If you want to increase your sales rapidly, don’t forget to give discounts on your packages. There are many organizations that launch discount schemes and offers for boosting up their sales during the festive seasons or other occasions. Promo offers gives your customers a chance to save on their purchases and encourage them to buy more from you.

Features & Value added Benefits:

Reseller Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

Are you giving any additional benefits or just offering basic features to your customers? Do you offer customer support? Generally, customers look for complete web solutions that offer more than just the domains. It means you should also provide services such as website designing or web hosting for a better user experience. It’s because you won’t like that your customer gets turned to your competitor for services which you aren’t offering. In order to give your customers a one stop solution to fulfill all their requirements, you can offer several valuable features,benefits or services.

Marketing & Sales Activities:

Reseller Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

The marketing and sales activities performed by you decide your business profit. The marketing activities that you should perform are website SEO, online advertising, social media promotion, or offline marketing activities such as participation in events, or trade shows etc. You can even hire sales staff that will actively contact the prospects and convert them into your customers. If you aren’t quite insistent about your business marketing, you would be missing out on a big opportunity for growth.

Customer Satisfaction:

Reseller Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

Lastly, customer satisfaction plays a key role in boosting your business and so, you must always aim at keeping your customer happy. For this, you need to provide top-class service, perfect quality of service as these will ensure that customers come back to you. You can even ask your customers’ feedback to bring in improvements in your business. Don’t forget that to acquire a new customer is quite costly instead of retaining the old one.

Bottom Line

Domain reseller business is easy to start because you just need to register with a domain registrar to start selling the domains. Also, you don’t need to have a in-depth technical knowledge of this business. Just concentrate on acquiring customers and marketing activities to boost your domain reseller business.


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