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What is a dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated hosting platform provides the user with dedicated resources and the user gets complete access to the server. As all the resources of the server are dedicated to one website, this hosting platform ensures maximum efficiency and reliability. Generally, people using a complex website prefer hosting on a dedicated server so that web applications and scripts can be managed efficiently. Dedicated server exhibits great power, that is also one of the main reasons why most of the eCommerce business owners consider dedicated server hosting as the perfect hosting platform.

In the case of dedicated server hosting, the complete server belongs to a single user, therefore, the user has the discretion of selecting the preferred operating system and control panel.

When is a dedicated server needed?

The situations when dedicated server hosting is the perfect option are mentioned below:

• If a website is said to have heavy traffic

• Multiple websites have to be hosted

• Critical applications are to be hosted

Less Overhead And Larger Return On Investment

A business looking forward to gaining a large amount of control over the business operations and the computing facilities will derive great benefits through dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers define absolute security, and they are the ideal hosting solutions for the people whose websites generate heavy traffic and even for the websites that contain eCommerce applications. Just like dedicated servers are beneficial for the large websites, they also provide great utility to the small and medium sized business websites. Dedicated server hosting certainly involves a higher price, however with the features provided, it is a complete value for money.

Flexibility, control, and speed are the topmost features of dedicated server hosting. Imagine having a powerful hosting server all to yourself – no shared resources. In case you are operating a large website, steaming media, big database applications or if higher speed, reliability, flexibility, and security are required, then dedicated server hosting is the most efficient solution. If there are a large number of domains and websites to be hosted, the cost incurred per website dramatically reduced. You get complete control over the websites hosted on the dedicated server. In case you encounter higher traffic (approximately over 100,000 hits per day), there will be a drastic improvement in your website performance and this will enable you to withstand the competition and increase the profit margins.

Dedicated server hosting can result in saving money on a long term basis. Even if you are running your website on a shared hosting plan currently, you will get better utility through a dedicated server hosting solution. In most of the cases, there are set limits on the amount of bandwidth and disk space that can be utilized per month. In case you go beyond these limits, you might have to pay extra cost or think about an upgrade.

Investing in dedicated server brings about long-term gains as the monetary resources can be focused on other crucial aspects of the business expansion. If you are not sure about investing in the dedicated server hosting platform, take some time and consider the amount that you’re paying for your current hosting plan, plus overages and the amount that you are likely to spend for getting additional hosting resources for supporting the website and other applications.

A dedicated server hosting plan provides with higher limits and better service. By investing in dedicated server hosting once, you are actually saving money on a long terms basis.

When should you consider the upgrading to a dedicated server?

It is essential to check the website statistics in order to determine the website traffic and the resources utilized. You must upgrade to a dedicated server in the following situations:

• Sharp increase in the website traffic

• Downtime to the website or slowing down of the website

The best thing about this hosting platform is that since server administration facilities are provided, the server can be configured in accordance with your requirements and your website’s server usage can also be optimized. Having this privilege will enable you to allot more bandwidth and space to each area of your Website as needed.

While selecting a dedicated hosting platform, you will come across two types of dedicated hosting platform – managed and unmanaged. Preferably you must always opt for a managed hosting platform where the server is monitored and managed by the web hosting company. The web hosting company will take care of operating system installation, security software and control panel, application installation and regular backup facility.

All you have to do is manage your website content and all the other factors will be taken care of by the web hosting company. The most crucial factor is uptime and that is very well taken care of through the resources provided by the dedicated server and the technical support offered by the web hosting company. If you are planning to expand your business, even in that case dedicated server hosting is the best hosting platform as it provides the perfect platform for business expansion.

Dedicated server hosting will surely provide you with long term gains and maximum business efficiency will be ensured and thereby profitability can be ensured.


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