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After buying a web hosting package of choice, every user is given a tool to manage their hosting service. cPanel and WHM are two such tools that help users maneuver and take total charge of their web hosting.However, users who generally buy a web hosting package ask for both without knowing the exact functionality and purpose of cPanel and WHM. Which is why it becomes imperative to know the difference between cPanel and WHM. As you read further, you will understand what is the purpose and the difference between cPanel and WHM.

What is cPanel?

CPanel Hosting.,WHM Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting

cPanel is an online control panel that helps users manage Linux hosting service. With the help of cPanel, a user can control administrative tasks of hosting such as creating a website, creating and managing emails, resetting passwords, setting mail forwards, managing add-on domains and subdomains, uploading and managing files etc.

What are the key benefits of cPanel?

cPanel allows users to manage files with ease. Its simple GUI ( graphic user interface) acts as an enabler for managing system admins when you are not looking to use a website builder. This has made cPanel user-friendly in comparison to its peers and competitors. For the want of explaining its pluses in details, here is a list of the same:

◈ Allows you to add on domains and manage email according to hosting plans
◈ Gives control over FTP accounts to upload, delete or move files on the server
◈ Provides users with web related stats like visitors/month through AWS stats
◈ Numerous add-ons and APIs with Softaculous integration that allows users to download WordPress, Joomla or Drupal updates
◈ Ensures that your data is secure along with backup and recovery options; all this without compromising on scale
◈ Much economical in comparison to Windows

What is WHM?

CPanel Hosting.,WHM Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting

WHM (Web Host Manager) is an administrative access tool for the backend of the cPanel account. With WHM, one can create a cPanel account to avail hosting accounts. Users can easily manage many a light to heavy sites with the help of WHM. Moreover, one can sell hosting services and manage multiple cPanel with the option to modify, upgrade or even downgrade an account and monitor usage of bandwidth as well.

What are the key benefits of WHM?

WHM allows users to access DNS zones of all the domains. It also allows users to create, delete and suspend cPanel accounts. Apart from its ability to configure and support customer requests through the cPanel, it also allows users to change domain and usernames of clients. With a total backend control over cPanel, WHM has many other benefits for Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers as well. They can be enlisted as follows:

◈ WHM allows users to install and manage SSL certificates with ease
◈ It allows assignment and whitelisting of IP addresses
◈ With WHM, one can get access to all the accounts inside. In addition to this, it also allows one to change the ownership of the account in case an account is sold or deleted
◈ Clients can receive newsletters, updates and deal upgrades via WHM
◈ WHM allows other websites to brand themselves with different WHM skins
◈ It also monitors the status of the server and resources
On the whole, WHM takes away the time spent on server administration and puts the focus on managing requirements of customers.

What is the difference between cPanel and WHM?

Now that we know what role cPanel and WHM play, it will be easier for you to know what is the difference between cPanel and WHM. Or perhaps you have already figured it out with the information we gave you. Just to put things back into perspective, here are some main points that highlight the difference between cPanel and WHM:

Parameter WHM  cPanel 
Controller WHM is a Reseller control panel. It is used by resellers to manage all the hosting accounts of their reseller plans.  cPanel is the control panel used by the end users under a reseller of hosting provider. It is used by customers to manage their own hosting accounts. 
Access WHM provides resellers with root level access.  cPanel only provides access to web hosting account on the server to its users.
Port number WHM functions via 2087, a secure port number.  cPanel on the other hand functions via 2083 as its secure port number. 
Password reset Password details for WHM coincide with its cPanel account. I.e if you change the password of your WHM then the password of cPanel will also change.   The password for cPanel can be set by the end user as he or she wants. 
Domains One can only add domains and not subdomains.  Adding and removing add-on domains and subdomains is possible. 

cPanel and WHM have characteristics that are quite distinct from one another. Both of them work in tandem, but at the same time maintain a difference that benefits both end users and resellers. We hope that you have understood the difference between cPanel and WHM.

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Wednesday 27 May 2020

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HyerText Transfer Protocol (HTTP):

HTTP is an application layer protocol created by Tim Berners Lee at Cern in 1989, it is currently used for most of the data transfer on the web. It is the foundation of data communication using hypertext files on the World Wide Web.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS):

IPFS is a relatively new protocol that can change the way we use Internet. It is an ambitious project created by Juan Benet in 2015, with an aim to create a completely decentralized web and it makes use of a lot of revolutionary ideas in computer science to do it.

Difference between HTTP and IPFS:

It uses a centralised client server approach.  It uses a decentralised peer to peer approach.
Data is requested using the address on which data is hosted.  Data is requested using the cryptographic hash of that data. 
Data cannot be accesed if the server is down or fails or any link gets broken.  Data is copied to multiple nodes, hence it can be accessed whenever needed. 
The bandwidth provided is low, as multiple clients request from a single server at the same time.  Bandwidth is high, as data is requested from the closest peer who has the copy of that data. 
One has to set up a hosting server or pay for one, inorder to make content publically available.  Uploading content on the IPFS network does not require a host server, every node hosts the data on the network. 
HTTP is well established as an industry standard, this is where HTTP has an upper hand.  IPFS is relatively newer and is not yet as popular as HTTP. 
HTTP support is inbuilt on almost all machines.  To run IPFS you need to access it using the HTTP to IPFS portal or manually setup up an IPFS node on your machine. 
HTTP is used by almost everyone to access the web.  Currently, there is a shortage of IPFS nodes due to it’s low popularity among the laymen. 

Monday 25 May 2020

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There are hundreds and thousands of websites being developed every day. Many brick-and-mortar stores are turning towards the online world for reaching their target audience. Prior to developing a website one needs to register a domain name for creating an identity in the online world.

Have you heard about cybersquatting while registering for your domain name? Or have you mistakenly registered for a trademarked domain from a cybersquatter?

Don’t panic. Here’s what you need to know about cybersquatting in details.

What is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is an extensive term for different cyber offenses related to domain names. It includes use, sale or register a trademarked domain for a bad intent. Basically, it is done to earn profit by cybersquatters.

Most of the domains are sold to the first person that is trying to register the name. This makes it easy for the cybersquatter to register a domain prior to a legitimate company gets the chance to register it.

Companies face two significant issues with cybersquatters. The first is that cybersquatters force the company to repurchase their name. For instance, if a cybersquatter registers the domain “” prior to the business “WebsiteForYou”.

After that when the business tries to register its domain, it is unavailable. They contact the cybersquatter to take the registered name back. But the cybersquatter charges the business with an inflated rate for the name. Here, it is possible that the cybersquatter isn’t only trying to make profit, but is also using the trademarked name to slander the trademark holder.

The next major problem that businesses face with cybersquatters is defamation. In this issue, cybersquatters use the trademarked domain name to defame a business online, either in the form of cyber blackmailing or via ill will.

But when the website is checked, the business finds the cybersquatter has already set up the site for replicating the business. Moreover, the cyberquatter has also listed fake products for stealing money or credit card information, displayed openly abusive or false information about the business. The business then thinks that WebsiteForYou is the only option to save its reputation and gets ready to pay the price asked by the cybersquatter.

Suggested Reading: Make sure you check the article on 6 Ways To Prevent Hackers From Touching Your Ecommerce Website

History of Cybersquatting

The “cybersquatting” term was first time used in USA in early 90s. At this time, the businesses didn’t knew the commercial opportunities that were available on the Internet. Some cybersquatters registered the names of popular businesses as domain names and had an intention of selling the names again to them when they realized it. Some of the victims of cybersquatters were Fry’s Electronics, Hertz, Panasonic and Avon. Today, cybersquatters don’t find the opportunities easily as most businesses understand that establishing domain names is the first priority.

Types of Cybersquatting

Basically, cybersquatters can register the domain names that are available without any restriction, even if similar ones are already registered.

You might have heard about ICANN. It is a non-profit organization formed in November 1998. ICANN is referred to as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It has been assigned the responsibility of managing the ownership of the Domain System.

Your domain name gets registered via a master database, when an application is filed with one of the accredited registrars of ICANN. If the domain name is available and the applicant pays for it, he automatically becomes the owner of the website name.

Remember this rule when you have a business name in mind: Domain name registration is based on first-come, first serve.

ICANN registrars don’t check if the domain name’s applicant is related or associated with the business that owns the trademark.

Thus if “” was available, an applicant without any relation with Want2Host would have been able to acquire it.

Since there isn’t any domain name regulation, cybersquatters are finding different schemes to earn profit from holding your trade name hostage:

Domain Name, Web Hosting, Hosting Learning, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

1. Typosquatting

This type of cybersquatting involves “URL hijacking”, “a sting site” and “fake URL”. Typosquatters be alert on the mistakes which the Internet users frequently make when typing a URL. For example:

◉ Misspellings –
◉ Different Phrasing –
◉ Use of other domain variations –
◉ Fake website –Appears similar to the authentic website in terms of layout, design and content.

Domain Name, Web Hosting, Hosting Learning, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews

2. Identity Theft

In this type of cybersquatting, software is used that enables the cybersquatters to track down the domain names that were mistakenly not renewed by the owner. When a domain name is re-registered by the cybersquatter, he can link it with a website that clones the original. When the visitors come on the cybersquatter’s website, they will think that they have landed on the original website.

3. Reverse Cybersquatting

Domain Name, Web Hosting, Hosting Learning, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews
In this type of cybersquatting, the cybersquatter directly steals your domain name while you are resolving the existing disputes over it. You will be pressurized by the reverse cybersquatter to transfer its legal ownership to another individual or organization that has registered a trademark reflected in the domain name.

4. Name Jacking

In the United States, you can avail a trademark protection for your name if it is different via advertising, associated as a brand or recognized as an entity. For example, the personal name of a famous celebrity.

However, personal names that don’t come under these qualifications can’t opt for trademark protection as people within the same location may have the similar name.

In name jacking, the cybersquatter registers a domain name related to an individual. Generally, celebrities, politicians and other famous people are targeted with this.

How Does A Cybersquatter Earn Profit?

A cybersquatter can monetize these illegal practices in five ways:

1. Domain Parking

The individual can redirect a domain name to a website that includes advertisement so it can generate traffic.

2. Domain Name Ransom

Cybersquatter can spread ransomware using a domain name. For the victim to get an access to the site, he needs to pay the amount of the ransom.

3. Affiliate Marketing

A domain name is redirected to websites that sell products and services to earn commissions.

4. Hit Stealing

In this, a visitor of the cybersquatted domain name is taken to the website of a competitor.

5. Scamming

This includes identity theft and credit card fraud. Visitors landing on a cybersquatted website may be asked to provide confidential information to win prizes in a lottery.

Notable Cybersquatting Cases

Cybersquatting is the most significant issue for brands and celebrities today that needs to be constantly observed for spotting fake accounts and websites being developed. Also, domain names already taken need to be promptly renewed. Check below some of the most infamous cybersquatting cases in the internet history:


In 2015, eBay – an online auction platform was staggered for registering 1,153 domain names in a bad faith. All the domains included the word “ebay” and three numbers followed by a .net or .com suffix. It is one of the biggest cases that was settled by the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Arbitration and Mediation Centre to date.

Jennifer Lopez

Popular singer, actress and retailer Jennifer Lopez was a victim of a cybersquatting scam in 2009. Sites with names and were developed to rip off money from the star’s fans by overloading them with ads and affiliate links. The star had to follow a lengthy lawsuit to win back both domains, which were returned to the Jennifer Lopez Foundation.

Are You a Victim of Cybersquatting?

When you decide your domain name and want to know if it is cybersquatted or not, just type the domain name in the address bar and then press “enter” to find where it takes you.

Check below the few possible scenarios:

◉ You redirect on a website that displays “Under construction”, “This domain is for sale” or “Can’t find server”. It is clear with this that the owner’s aim is to get profit from selling the domain name.

◉ You land on a properly functioning website packed with advertisements for products and services similar to the ones carried under your trademark. The cybersquatter’s aim is to gain profit using your trade name.

◉ You land on the website that has a same domain name but doesn’t compete with your products or services. This can’t be said as cybersquatting but yes it’s a trademark infringement.

How disappointing it would be to know that you can’t use the domain name you have worked on and were planning to buy it for your online business. But instead don’t get too emotional instead stay calm, relax and examine the situation carefully and think of the other possibilities.

For instance, if your web page displays “Under construction”, there is a possibility that the domain name’s owner is planning to buy it for the website.

Then you can search for the person who owns the domain name. This can be done by using the “WHOis lookup” feature on the website. Next, contact the registered owner and check if the individual is ready to sell the domain name at the proper price.

In case, the price is affordable, you can purchase the domain name. This would be a cheaper option rather than going for the arbitration or litigation process.

If Yes, What To Do?

If you are a victim of cybersquatting and the domain name owner isn’t interested in negotiating the sale of the domain name to you, you can follow the below options:

1. Apply for arbitration procedures under ICANN
2. File a suit against the domain name owner under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act or ACPA

What’s the difference between the two?

Arbitration Through ICANN

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDNDRP) was developed and implemented in 1999 by ICANN. The purpose behind this policy was to resolve the disputes related to domain names.

An arbitration process is assigned by the UDNDRP that can be started by any person or complainant who disputes the below instances to the ICANN:

◉ The domain name is matching or confusingly similar to a trademark to which the individual who has complained has rights to;
◉ The domain owner hasn’t expressed any legal interest in domain name nor has rights;
◉ The disputed domain name that is registered is being used for bad intent.

In case these conditions are successfully proven, the domain name will be assigned to the complainant. Note that no financial remedies are covered under the UDNDRP.

Litigation Through the ACPA

The ACPA allows you to sue an alleged cybersquatter in federal court and get the court order for retrieving the domain name. You might have seen cases where the cybersquatter is asked to pay the monetary damages.

For winning the case against a cybersquatter, you must be able to prove the below things:

◉ There is a bad intent of earning profit from the domain name;
◉ The trademark or business name you registered for, was already unique at the time of domain name registration;
◉ The domain name is certainly identical and confusingly same as your trademark;
◉ Your trademark is qualified for securing under existing federal trademark laws as it is different and you were the first one for using it for business.

But in case the alleged cybersquatter proves that there are legal reasons for registering the domain name without trying to earn profit by selling it back to the complainant, the federal court might allow him to keep the domain.

What is the best option then?

You will be advised by many trademark experts to go through the arbitration process under ICANN as it is faster and inexpensive way without the need of an attorney’s assistance.

Friday 22 May 2020

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Website creation, web design, scripting, database, eCommerce, search engine optimization, keywords, control panels, FTP, email clients, bandwidth, disk spce, IP addresses, DNS, domain names, etc. These terms and phrases are related to the web hosting industry and can easily be found in many web hosting providers' glossary and knowledge base. All of this can be very overwhelming to a new website owner or something new to web hosting. There seems to be a web hosting solution for almost every problem related to the Internet, but not all of the problems are within the boundaries of web hosting support.


Many people become confused with what their web hosting provider should be able to help. When you visit the support section of most web hosting sites, you will see a menu that lists a variety of categories in which you can file your complaint or inquiry. Many of these categories appear to represent your problem, but that is not always the case.

For example, if you are having a problem editing your website's template or installing a third party plug-in onto your website. You may assume that it is a scripting issue. However, in all actuality, it is not a scripting issue that is directly related to your web hosting account. Your web hosting company may advise you to consult with a web design professional. Many people will see this as a lack of support even though that might be the best solution they can offer. Support ticket categories are perhaps the leading cause of confusion and frustration.


A more accurate way to assess the boundaries of your web hosting provider support capabilities is to refer to its Terms of Service. Very often you will be able to find information about what the support staff is able to help you with. A good rule of thumb is - if the problem cannot be solved within your control panel, then the web hosting company probably cannot help you with it.


The easiest way to find out whether or not your problem can be solved by your web hosting company is to call them and find out in real time. Instead of waiting for an email response you may find it more time-efficient to speak with a customer service representative on the phone (or a Live Chat). This will eliminate confusion and frustration that results from information "lost in translation" via email.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

The most common network devices used are routers and switches. But we still hear people talking about hubs, repeaters, and bridges. Do you ever wonder why these former devices are preferred over the latter ones? One reason could be: ‘because they are more efficient and powerful’. But what actually is the reason behind their efficiency? This is when terms like “Collision Domains” and “Broadcast Domains” come into picture.

Before going further, let us recall that a hub is a multiple-port repeater. Similarly, a switch is a multiple-port bridge so that you can understand why repeaters and bridges are not typically used in production networks(because of less number of ports).

Now, narrowing down to Hubs, Switches and Routers, let us discuss them in reference with the blow domains.

1. Collision Domain –

A Collision Domain is a scenario in which when a device sends out a message to the network, all other devices which are included in its collision domain have to pay attention to it, no matter if it was destined for them or not. This causes a problem because, in a situation where two devices send out their messages simultaneously, a collision will occur leading them to wait and re-transmit their respective messages, one at a time. Remember, it happens only in case of a half-duplex mode.

2. Broadcast Domain –

A Broadcast Domain is a scenario in which when a device sends out a broadcast message, all the devices present in its broadcast domain have to pay attention to it. This creates a lot of congestion in the network, commonly called LAN congestion, which affects the bandwidth of the users present in that network.

From this, we can realize that more the number of collision domains and more the number of broadcast domains, the more efficient is the network providing better bandwidth to all its users.

So, which of our network devices break collision domains and which of them break broadcast domains?

◉ HUB –

We start with a hub because we should get rid of it as soon as possible. The reason being, it neither breaks a collision domain nor a broadcast domain,i.e a hub is neither a collision domain separator nor a broadcast domain separator. All the devices connected to a hub is in a single collision and single broadcast domain. Remember, hubs do not segment a network, they just connect network segments.


Coming to switches, we have an advantage over the hub. Every port on a switch is in a different collision domain, i.e a switch is a collision domain separator. So messages that come from devices connected to different ports never experience a collision. This helps us during designing networks but there is still a problem with switches. They never break broadcast domains, means it is not a broadcast domain separator. All the ports on the switch are in still in a single broadcast domain. If a device sends a broadcast message, it will still cause congestion.


Last, but not least, we have our savior. A router not only breaks collision domains but also break broadcast domains, means it is both collision as well as broadcast domain separator. A router creates a connection between two networks. A broadcast message from one network will never reach the other one as the router will never let it pass.

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Also, as repeaters and bridges differ from hubs and switches only in terms of the number of ports, a repeater does not break collision and broadcast domains, while a bridge breaks only collision domains.

Monday 18 May 2020

Having a web hosting service is the need for almost all the business and affordability is something everyone looks for when finding a host for their website. Whether it is a big business or small startup everyone requires a reliable hosting provider who they can afford as well.

These days it is not very difficult to find a cheap web hosting service as there are lots of companies offering hosting solution and due to high competition the prices are quite reasonable. Every other company you see would be offering low prices and discounts but you cannot ascertain how reliable their services would be and if you take the risk then by the time you realize your website may have gone down or you may lose valuable business opportunities.

Considering the following factors would help you find a suitable hosting provider:

◉ Research & Compare

Web Hosting Services, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides, Compare Web Hosting

Although this seems to be a tedious and boring task for many but could matter a lot to your website. All you need to do is compare the prices of the plans which would be suitable for your website and shortlist the providers that fit the bill. Consider the monthly or annual fees, the setup fees if applicable to you and also the support fees. Many providers charge separately for support and this may prove to be more costly in the end.

◉ Features & Resources

Web Hosting Services, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides, Compare Web Hosting

Now apart from the cost you need to look at other essential things like the disk space and bandwidth you would be getting. Usually you would get sufficient bandwidth with a good web host. With this you should ask the provider if they support the applications and scripts which you wish to run on the server. Otherwise you may have to look for another provider that allows the software you want.

◉ Support Channels

Web Hosting Services, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides, Compare Web Hosting

When it comes to affordability often there are compromises in many things. Therefore, you should find out what ways you can contact and get support from the web host when you have any issue at hand. Usually ticket board, emails and phone support are offered 24×7 by most of the providers. Having a quick way to contact support can be handy when you need to resolve an issue urgently.

Friday 15 May 2020

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We are living in a time where new domain name extensions are on a rise and there is nothing wrong in considering them. Having a .online domain name is a great alternative to the generic domain names. You will be able to register the domain name you thought of if you consider the .online domain name extension. This is an extremely lucrative domain name for the brick and mortar stores who wish to differentiate themselves by offering online purchase and it is suitable for many other businesses as well. The .online domain name works best for all the companies that want to emphasize on their online presence.

What Is A .online Domain Name Extension?

If you wish to have an alluring and interesting domain extension that sets you apart while establishing an online presence, you must opt for the .online domain extension. This is a top-level domain that is not used by many businesses and therefore it can make your website exclusive.

Having a .online domain name is ideal for the small, medium and large businesses as it is versatile and it can be perfectly linked with any business name. You can easily build your business status as a tech-savvy company by using a .online domain. Irrespective of whether your company deals with information technology on a day to day basis or not, you can make use of this domain name extension if most of your business is transacted online. Therefore, the benefit of using a .online domain extension is that it establishes your business brand as a provider of online service and online communication.

Why Should You Opt For A .online Domain Name Extension?

We are living in a time where a powerful online presence is important for every company. People prefer checking out the website of the company for getting more information instead of checking the business name and making a phone call. If you have a .online domain name, it will automatically work in terms of creating trust in the eyes of the potential customers. Along with this, this domain name also creates a professional image of your company.

In times where people mostly have .com,, .org or .in websites your .online website will be a real difference creator! It will be an attention grabber and a crucial tool for defining your brand identity. We are functioning in a highly competitive and an ever growing online market and it is true that something as small as a domain name extension can make a significant difference. When your clients and potential customers see your .online domain name, they will surely be curious to know more about your company.

If most of your business is done online, then it is a no-brainer that you must opt for a .online domain name extension. Many organizations like universities and software companies use this domain extension for their online portals.

Another reason that you should opt for a .online domain is that it is more resilient and flexible. You can easily use this domain extension for getting more creative with your domain names. Everyone will remember it as a different domain name. You can create a fun website with this domain name extension and you can also differentiate your business from the competition.

Basically, the .online domain extension enhances the scope of the web. While considering a .online domain name, people usually think what they can use it for? But the truth is that it can be used by any type of business or personal website. The term ‘online’ is understood and used internationally; it is the synonymous name for ‘internet’. Therefore, you have a wide world of opportunities open to you with the .online domain name like,, etc.

Who Can Use The .online Domain Name?

◉ Organizations
◉ Companies
◉ Bloggers
◉ Individuals
◉ Startups
◉ Online stores

Wednesday 13 May 2020

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What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System which is a hierarchical naming system created for translating host names to IP addresses. For example translates to

What is a Host Name?

A Host Name is simply a name identifying a computer on a network or a domain on the Internet.

Below are some examples of host names on the Internet: (host name for want2host web server) (host name for Google's web server) (host name for want2host email server)

What is a DNS Server?

A DNS Server is a server computer that provides DNS services. For example, if a request is sent to a DNS Server to translate, the server returns the IP address of A DNS Server does not require much processing power since it is just a simple database server for translating domain host names to their corresponsing IP addresses.What is DNS Services.

DNS Services is a monthly service for hosting your domain and host names for your domain on a DNS Server. This service will identify and serve IP information about where your Website, email, FTP and other services are hosted.

(DNS service is usually combined with website hosting and email services.)

The cost is usually included with website hosting.

Monday 11 May 2020

The world, as we speak, is going through a major crisis which isn’t unknown to us. The challenge of facing the Coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19 has hit every occupation worldwide. Businesses have been drastically impacted due to the virus as the economy takes yet another hit. From restaurants being seen in ghost towns to empty aisles and shelves in grocery stores, the world is going through something which one may have never imagined in a lifetime.

The world continues to be at a high alert with Corona virus spreading like a wildfire.

For every economy in the world, public and human safety is the top priority. It is due to this concern businesses all over the world are observing lockdowns, asking employees to work from home. According to the New York Times, it is essential for public to stay in their homes in order to limit the spread of virus across the world.

The behavioral shift in this case we see is how people are avoiding physically going to work, stores, restaurants and all sorts of public spaces. In such a case, for any business to bloom and not be drastically affected by this virus would be to increase their digital marketing game. At the same time, for digital marketers, this is your time to shine and showcase your creativity!

What Should Marketers Do?

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With companies suffering massively with respect to costs, things could pivot for digital marketing. With people less traveling, less use of billboards advertisement and other forms of off-screen display of marketing, brands now need to consider digitally improving their name. The average time any smartphone or laptop user invests on their items has now increased more than ever. If you are thinking about investing in online ads, your digital transformation is on point.

Given the magnitude of the situation, we do not know when this virus could potentially be put to bed for good. For digital marketers, there are some tips they could follow for their individual as well as the growth of their organization during the COVID-19. Remember, using this time to learn a new skill set has its perks. As a digital marketer, you can use this time to improve the digital recognition of your organization and learn some new tricks up that sleeve. Let’s roll out some key points for you.

1. Stay Intouch with Your Customers

Web Hosting, Hosting Learning, Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

During this situation, people are now glued to their social media accounts more than ever. It is not only because of boredom; people are keeping themselves updated with the toll regarding COVID-19 patients and cases all over the world. During this lockdown, social media is probably the only source of communication people can rely on without being exposed to any potential threat.

Over the last month, the usage of the internet has increased as well. While people are using streaming services such as Netflix during the lockdown, others use it for communication. While you may wonder that your business has taken a hit, it does not mean that people do not remember your business. In fact, if you keep engaging with your target audience, you might make them miss you, which is a good thing. I mean, who doesn’t like being missed by someone they love, right?

At the same time, be sure to be not too pushy. This is the time when people require others to be empathic towards each other and not to capitalize on the situation. Do not be sales-pushy when you are trying to remind people of who you are. Remember some basic business ethics at a time such as this. Show yourself as a brand which stands out there for others during the crucial times.

2. Create an Online Presence

Web Hosting, Hosting Learning, Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

E-Commerce has become one of the fastest growing industries in the past. Why? Because of online space. With respect to the wonders of how important internet can be for any business, this is also the right time for you to build your online space and audience. People are online now. They are not taking any risks of driving or walking outside.

Over the past weeks and more to follow, the search traffic on online spaces has increased. This could be the time for you to focus towards online shopping as well.

Anything that is present online will be consumed a lot more than it did in the past. For any business, not having an online space would be a huge mistake. You need to learn about search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO and implement those strategies in order to reach the search engine results (SERPs) on Google. This is the right time for your business to be found online. For any business that goes in its shell, you are making a huge mistake. At this point if you do not have any online presence, start by buying a domain for your organization.

For digital marketers, you need to expand your portfolio and learn a thing or two about SEO. Pitch this idea to your superiors, get in touch with your organization’s programmer and start working on this potentially hit idea!

3. Help People During the Crisis – Market it Well on Social Medi

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Everyone loves the good guy, and everyone expects from the good guy to shine during tough times. Be the superhero people are looking to rely on. One of the best forms of marketing during a time such as this would be to create your own goodwill. People never forget the good (as well as the bad) your business does. If you can use this time and the resources you have to help others, do it. Put it out on social media and get the job done.

Distilleries and breweries in New Zealand have changed a few of their production types to make hand sanitizer which went short when the virus first outbroke in the country.

According to the co-founder Brian Watson of Good George Brewery, gin and whiskey has been halted temporarily while they have started the production of hand sanitizers.

Now while marketing may not be the top priority of brands such as these, they still need to make sure that their actions are being illustrated in the right forums so that their consumers see. People remember these actions very well and would very much feel appreciated being associated to such a brand in the future.

However, as mentioned in the first point, make sure you are not too pushy about it. Do not overdo it. Subtly float what we are doing for your people through a decent PR and move on.

4. Improve the SEO of your Website

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In a point earlier, I mentioned that if you do not have an online space, create one by understanding SEO. In this point, let’s talk about if you already have an online presence, how it can be improved through SEO.

With a fact that people are not online more than ever, it means for you to have an improve virtual space and presence. Any business that has an online presence needs to be know the basic SEO principles and implement; otherwise, you will be amazed the lengths your competitors can go to ensure you are left behind.

Search companies such as Google frequently change their algorithms. This requires you to be updated on not just the happenings, but also on how you can implement the changes without your website’s suffering. For e-Commerce, maintaining the shifts and changes in algorithms is as crucial as breathing.

Good content marketers and copywriters are aware of how they need to write the content with respect to SEO guidelines. Similarly, the developers on board need to make sure that the website operates in a user-friendly as well as search-engine friendly manner.

The purpose of implementing SEO seriously is to ensure that when the potential target audience searches for the keywords that are associated with your industry, your website appears on the top results, essentially on the first page and within the top 5 results that appear. Now, keep in mind that you are not the sole provider of the specific keyword. Hundreds and thousands of businesses are competing to appear on the top results. This is essentially why you need to have an improved SEO understanding as compared to others.

Assuming that your competitors might be a little too busy rethinking their strategies during the COVID-19, you need to work on ensuring quality of your business as well as the website.

5. Understand and Start PPC Advertising

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While it varies industry to industry, this is probably the right time for you to start or increase PPC advertising – also known as pay-per-click advertisement. Again, with the influx of people on the internet, it is a great chance for you to have your ads appearing in front of people and hence, they click on it. This can potentially lead to giving you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

This is the great chance for you to save spending money on the digital marketing budge as well. On an average, the costs around PPC has gone down to 6% all over the vertical in the last one week. In the forthcoming weeks, this may decrease even more, depending on how much advertisers are using this medium as a source of advertisement. This is again, an opportunity for your business to save some losses while potentially gaining more than they could have imagined during a time such as this.

6. Keep an Eye on the Marketing Metrics

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With everything going online, you need to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on the marketing data of your business. Take notice of what strategies are getting you the results you are looking for and what strategies are not working in your favor. If the previously implemented marketing tactics are no longer doing the trick, leave them. Or maybe reduce them. Stop the irrelevant types by analyzing the results you are seeing in front of you. This is the sort of screening that needs to be a part of your new everyday marketing philosophy. See the data, examine the trends, make the required changes.

It is now simple for one to see the ROI of the activities they are performing for their digital marketing. You need to make sure you have a marketing goal identified in front of the campaign you are implementing and use the right metrics to measure the results you are getting.

Taking the right steps now is crucial for businesses all over the world. As the economy suffers, businesses are taking drastic decisions to save themselves. One of the best ways to save an organization now is through digital marketing.

While the situation in front of us is unknown, this is the right time for businesses all over the world to capitalize their digital presence. Digital marketers need to follow these tips and implement in their respective organizations. There are high chances that some of you maybe be in a lot of pressure from your organizations in building the right image online. This might be the sort of pressure you have never experienced in the past either. The right way for you is to make sure that you understand these tips and implement them. Educate yourself as much as you can.

In times like this where everyone is glued to their smart devices, take advantage of the situation. Make sure that your consumers do not forget you and make sure you build the presence online. Remember, your consumers are now sitting online, going through your space as well as your competitors’ online spaces. You need to be the one that they stick to. Encourage your masses to stay safe, but at the same time, remind them of your business.

Friday 8 May 2020

cPanel IP blocker enables you to block your website for a single IP address, domain name or a range of IP address. All those users, who will try to access your website from blocked IP addresses will not be able to access your website. You can manually deny those IP addresses, who are using your website’s bandwidth or doing malicious activity.

Deny Access to an IP Address or Domain

To deny access to a specific IP address or Domain name, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Open cPanel IP Blocker by clicking on the IP Blocker Link found under the security section of cPanel Home.

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Step 2 − In Add an IP or Range, enter your IP address or Domain Name or Range.

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IP address can be entered in the following formats.

◉ Single IP address, E.g.
◉ IP address Range, E.g.– or–100
◉ CIDR format, E.g.
◉ Using Wildcard, E.g. 192.168.*.*
◉ Domain Name,

Step 3 − Press Add Button to block that IP address or Range to access your website.

Remove an IP from the Denied List

You can allow access to a denied IP address or Range, by following these steps −

Step 1 − Open cPanel IP Blocker by clicking on IP Blocker Link found under security section of cPanel Home.

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Step 2 − Scroll down to find Currently–Blocked IP Addresses. Find the IP address or Range you want to remove, and click on Delete link.

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Step 3 − It will ask you for confirmation, click on Remove IP. It will remove the IP from blocked list and will give back the permission to access your site.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL Database management system. To manage a huge volume of data efficiently, we store the data in tables, a group of many tables can be created in a single database. This interface allows you to create and manage the existing MySQL databases.

If you are creating a PHP based application or any application that uses a database, then you will need to create a database and a database user to access this database. To use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS, you will need to create a MySQL database before installing these CMS.

To create a new MySQL database, you need to open MySQL interface by clicking MySQL Databases link, which can be found in the Databases section of cPanel Home.

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Create a New Database

When MySQL Databases interface will open, first thing you will see is Create New Database Section as shown below.

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To create a database, simply enter the name of the database you wish to create and then click Create Database Button. You will now get a success message that the database is added.

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Note − cPanel will automatically add a prefix to your database name you enter. So that there is no ambiguity in databases as in shared hosting environment. There are many users and there cannot be same name for two databases, thus your database name become Prefix_dbName. When connecting the database with web application you will need to use Full Name of database.

Add a Database User

To use your newly created database in your application, you will need to create a user and grant it all the privileges to modify the data in Database.

To create a Database User, scroll down to the end in Interface of MySQL databases. There you will see MySQL users, under it there will be Add New User, as shown below.

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Step 1 − Enter a username according to your choice and choose a strong password. Click Create User to create a new user. You will get a success message “You have successfully created a MySQL user.

Note − Full username of your database user includes prefix and the username you provided.

As we have created a database user, now we will need to add the user to access the database.

Step 2 − Scroll down to find “Add User to Database”.

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Step 3 − Select the User and database you wish to associate together. Click Add button and you will see the following screen.

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To provide all the privileges to the user, select ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox and all the checkboxes will automatically get selected. Click Make Changes to save the changes.

Modifying a Database

The data stored in MySQL may get corrupted over time. There are many reasons for which this might happen. While using the Database in web application, if we see any database related error, we need to repair the database to repair the corrupt data. But before we repair our database, we will need to find the table on which our data is corrupted by checking the database for errors.

There are two operations we can perform to troubleshoot database related errors. To perform these actions, we need to scroll to Modify Database Options in MySQL Database Interface, screenshot for Modifying Database is shown below.

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Check a Database

With this feature of cPanel Database, you can find which table in the Database is corrupted.

To check a database, we need to perform the following steps.

Step 1 − Select the database you want to check, from the dropdown menu of Check Database, as shown above.

Step 2 − Click the Check Database button.

Step 3 − cPanel will now run an automated script to find the corrupt table in the Database. If any corrupt table is found, it will display the name of the Table, otherwise it will display a success message.

Repair a Database

This database tool helps in automatically repairing of corrupt data or table from the database.

To use this tool, we need to perform the following steps −

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Step 1 − Select the database having corrupt data from the dropdown menu.

Step 2 − Click Repair Database button.

Step 3 − cPanel will now run an automatic script to repair the corrupt data or table from the database, if it succeeds, it will give you a success message. If it fails to repair the database, it will show you an error with the table name on which the error occurred.

Monday 4 May 2020

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A small business needs will be very different from those of larger businesses. They may need less space than that of a larger business and may also not need some of the features that web hosting companies sometimes offer to businesses. By looking at the different features that are available, a small business owner will be able to determine which features they need and what ones they consider unnecessary.

Technical support is something that needs to be considered when the business owner is looking at web hosting companies. Companies lose money when something goes wrong on their website and this can be devastating to small businesses. It’s important to know that web hosts are available and will respond to any concerns quickly. A lot of web hosting companies have a twenty-four hour support line that can be reached if troubles arise. It’s also important to make sure that the technical support that is received is very helpful and useful.

Bundled software should also be considered when deciding on a web hosting company. Deciding on the type of specialized software the small business needs should be decided on before entering into a commitment with any web hosting company. These packages can include things such as a content management system or shopping cart software. Some web hosts provide control panel software and this software contains a component that is called Fantastico. This allows for the user to easily install many different types of software that can be used on the website.

Editing tool and script support can be very important for a small business’ website. Many web hosting companies offer easy to use design and editing tools. For companies that are using FrontPage for their website, it is important to make sure that the web hosting company they decide on supports FrontPage extensions. It’s also important to make sure that the web hosting company is also compatible with other script languages such as PHP, ASP, and Perl, to name just a few.

Small businesses should also consider uptime and speed when researching different web hosting companies. A good web hosting company should guarantee uptimes of ninety-nine percent. Small business owners should also check the information about their data centre. This is because it’s important to know that they have high-speed connections to the Internet backbone.

Due diligence is also important when the small business owner is searching for a web hosting company. The first thing that should be done by the small business owner is to check out the web host’s website. Some things that should be watched for are awards and seals of approval. These are sometimes given out by magazines. It’s also important to look for the Internet Better Business Bureau seal. One can also search the Internet to find reviews of the different web hosting companies. These reviews can often be found on web hosting forums, where other individuals will give a detailed version of their experience with a certain company. One or two bad reviews are okay but one should be wary of a company that only has bad reviews, and no good reviews to balance it out.

Sunday 3 May 2020

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It is basically a process in database to organize data efficiently. Basically there are two goals of doing normalization these are as follows:

1. To remove repeated data or in simple words we can say to remove redundant data.
2. Second one is to ensure that there will be data dependencies.

Steps can be done to achieve Normalization:

1. Remove repeating groups or to eliminate repeating groups.

2. Eliminate or remove repeating data.

3. Remove those columns that are not dependent on Key.

4. Multiple relationship should be isolated independently.

5. Isolate Semantically Related Multiple Relationships

There are several types of normal forms, a lower numbered normal form always weaker than the higher numbered normal form. For example, 1st normal form is weaker than that of 2nd normal form. These are as: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Boyce-code normal form, 4th, 5th, and domain key normal form. But, in this article, we will discuss only about Domain-Key Normal Form.

Domain key normal form (DKNF) –

There is no Hard and fast rule to define normal form up to 5NF. Historically the process of normalization and the process of discovering undesirable dependencies were carried through 5NF, but it has been possible to define the stricter normal form that takes into account additional type of dependencies and constraints.

The basic idea behind the DKNF is to specify the normal form that takes into account all the possible dependencies and constraints.
In simple words, we can say that DKNF is a normal form used in database normalization which requires that the database contains no constraints other than domain constraints and key constraints.

In other words, a relation schema is said to be in DKNF only if all the constraints and dependencies that should hold on the valid relation state can be enforced simply by enforcing the domain constraints and the key constraints on the relation. For a relation in DKNF, it becomes very straight forward to enforce all the database constraints by simply checking that each attribute value is a tuple is of the appropriate domain and that every key constraint is enforced.

Reason to use DKNF are as follows:

1. To avoid general constraints in the database that are not clear key constraints.
2. Most database can easily test or check key constraints on attributes.

However, because of the difficulty of including complex constraints in a DKNF relation its practical utility is limited means that they are not in practical use, since it may be quite difficult to specify general integrity constraints.

Let’s understand this by taking an example:

Example –

Consider relations CAR (MAKE, vin#) and MANUFACTURE (vin#, country),
Where vin# represents the vehicle identification number ‘country’ represents the name of the country where it is manufactured.

A general constraint may be of the following form:

If the MAKE is either ‘HONDA’ or ‘MARUTI’ then the first character of the vin# is a ‘B’ If the country of manufacture is ‘INDIA’

If the MAKE is ‘FORD’ or ‘ACCURA’, the second character of the vin# is a ‘B” if the country of manufacture is ‘INDIA’.

There is no simplified way to represent such constraints short of writing a procedure or general assertion to test them. Hence such a procedure needs to enforce an appropriate integrity constraint. However, transforming a higher normal form into domain/key normal form is not always a dependency-preserving transformation and these are not possible always.

Friday 1 May 2020

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There are some huge advantages in owning a high-quality domain name. A premium domain will not only protect your brand and make you look more professional, it also improves search engine rankings, generate traffic and it is a virtual asset which tends to increase in value over time.

So many domains are registered every day, and have been for the last twenty years, that all the marketable and generic names in the dictionary have already been registered long time ago. In short, in all probability your first choice will not be available to register now, and buying a premium domain name that has already been registered and which the current owner is prepared to sell, is the only option left to still obtain a truly valuable business name.

Answer yourself this simple question: Why would you want to incur masses of time and vast sums of money marketing a mediocre domain name when you can simply buy – at a premium – the domain of your choice as a brandable or generic quality domain name that will instantly give you results that are far superior? It might cost you more money, but it will save you thousands of pounds in ongoing marketing costs.

Having a good domain name is the first essential step in your quest for success. Here’s why:

Improving your marketing and visibility

A high-value domain name is generally short, descriptive, and easy to remember. It gives customers and search engines an easy and intuitive way to remember and find you. Having a great domain name is like setting up a shop on NY Madison Avenue since you get high visibility, reputation and natural traffic but without the recurrent cost.

Building online and offline credibility

Using a high-value domain for your website and your company’s email address helps establish authority, credibility and professionalism, both online and offline. Owning a memorable premium domain ensures your customers will notice that you are an established, legitimate business and as a result trust you more easily.

Get more website traffic

A lot of premium domains already receive traffic. This traffic principally comes from direct type-in or referral traffic. Type-in traffic basically means that someone who is searching for a product decides to bypass the search engine by typing the keyword of the product they want directly into their browser. This is the best kind of traffic as it is highly targeted and costs no effort to obtain.

Referral traffic normally comes from links from other websites. Plenty of premium domains are aged and come with a high amount of backlinks resulting in a higher amount of quality traffic.

Protect your brand

Premium domains are an investment in your brand and will protect your brand. If your competitor ends up with a domain name that is similar to your business you might end up losing a lot of valuable customers.

Increase your search engine ranking

The more keyword-rich your domain name the more likely it is that you’ll rank high in the search results. Premium domains are often stuffed with high-quality keywords.

Domain vs traditional marketing

Compare the cost of purchasing a premium domain against the cost of traditional marketing. Advertising in newspapers and other publications, on TV, or via online adverts are great ways of marketing your business but they have one big flaw: once you stop paying for the advert, the traffic slows down and eventually comes to a halt. A premium domain is a one-time investment [plus renewal fees] and will generate results forever.

Solid domain investment

Rather like buying property, a premium domain name is an investment. A domain name increases in value over time. If you consider that a domain is really an online shop front, it makes sense to invest in the best ”location” that you can afford, and when you come to sell the property or the business, you reap the benefit.

Buying a premium domain name is also the only option left to still obtain a truly valuable business name as all the marketable and generic names in the dictionary have already been registered long time ago.


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