Monday 8 June 2020

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Work in modern organizations is difficult to imagine without a server. Without it, data is disjointed, is stored on different computers and even when using network, is quite difficult to pull together when needed for the job. And so what about a situation when database is in daily use? You could never do this without a server.

Previously, many organizations are saved on the server using this as a regular computer. They did not meet the main requirements for servers, but this was ignored in order to save. As a result, when the computer is denied, information is lost, which cost far more than it would cost a dedicated server. Or, if you need to increase the capacity of the system, had to buy a new computer, which is why, again, the economy turned out to be doubtful.

Performing even the simplest functions of the office server, such as mail-server, file / print server, shared Internet access, applications for small workgroups, the server for small databases, the personal computer is subjected to the voltage for which it is perfect. Mode without turning off the power for which it is not intended, wears all parts of the machine physically, and it may be said to be destroyed in one or two years. The velocity of its work is often a serious impediment to business. And in that moment when the personal computer “dies”, with it freezes all the activities of the firm, the entire database, all the contacts and stuff which was on the server. This can be compared with a small disaster for the company.

To solve a similar problem, a server specialized computer can be used that is designed for this purpose. But first,  to understand the difference between a server and personal computer is important.

First of all (and this is probably the most important) – the server differs a great in reliability. The fact that failures of servers come in two forms – one is planned when they take the technical work (maintenance, upgrades) and unplanned, when the server “lies”. In the first case, the server shuts down intentionally, in the most convenient time and usually in such cases, it does not bring inconvenience to users virtually.

The second case – the theme for the subject of conversation. The fact that most things on the server can be changed at run time and has only one element fail, the person who looks after it, right there, it should make a dead piece of labor. These details are most often going down the fans and power supplies (if not supported by redundancy), with hard drives and expansion cards. Thus, there will be no downtime. That is, unplanned downtime can occur only because of  IT-specialist, if he had not found problem on time and did not eliminate it, if one or more hard drives and so on are out of order. Moreover, until now there are companies where the leadership sees nothing wrong with that server is also a working machine programmer. This leads to the fact that the additional software installed is conflicting with the system, causing disruptions.

In addition, the server may refuse to work if it is subjected to intentional remote attack. It can be organized as a local area network and the Internet. Therefore, you must take care of server security.

In recent years, various databases are greatly developed, changing the format for storing and processing data, database servers came. File servers are only for storing user files and archives.

Increasingly, networks are now based on terminal servers. This system allows you to save users in the workplace, as all software and files are located on the server and the terminal can be a pretty simple machine. In addition, significant savings are achieved at the expense of installing and maintaining software. For serious work, it is important and acquired servers are much more carefully maintained.

Thus, buying a server and using it for its intended purpose, rather than establishing an ordinary personal computer, the company invests in its future, because this investment will pay for itself through increased productivity, saving time on maintenance and improving stability.


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