Monday 15 June 2020

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VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol and Colocation means co-locating the devices into fully secured and managed infrastructure. Every time this question arises that why to colocate VOIP equipment? The answer is- When you calculate the cost for personnel, Internet bandwidth, power, real estate, phone service, and air-conditioning; you will receive tremendous economies of scale as overhead cost is shared by the many customers in a Colocation facility – literally a fraction or the cost you would otherwise pay! With such large amounts of power usage comes a tremendous amount of heat, thus requiring special and very expensive air-conditioning units that you won’t find in a typical office building.

The colocation hosting services which are specifically designed for VOIP and businesses using it can be considered as the one of the redundant services. VOIP colocation services are provided to facilitate the more secured infrastructure resulting in cost saving. Taking many a things into consideration, in addition to having much better quality service, server colocation is much, much, less expensive and easier than trying to locate your servers within your office space.

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VOIP involves a typical and different strategies of routing the calls. There can be different challenges associated with it considering the fact that it is one of the complex technologies which involves many peripherals. With pressure to create efficiencies in communications spending and cut overall costs, VOIP customers customized VOIP and IP Telephony solutions. One can reduce overhead costs using VoIP Colocation and Hosting services. Avoid the hassles of a phone room filled with expensive equipment that requires additional office space and personnel to manage. Save dramatically on power usage for cooling systems and the need for high bandwidth by taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP Colocation and Hosting services.

Colocation service providers generally provide the server colocation facility rather than VOIP colocation. But there are few service providers who provides such facility in order to make this convenient for the users. ”There are hundreds of companies offering server hosting and colocation, but generally very few offers services specifically for VoIP with direct access to their own carrier-class network. Since these servers are located in data center, they are looped directly into world class voice network providing superior latency and call quality.


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