Friday 11 September 2020

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Web-hosting email services allow you to send and receive mail and manage email accounts through webmail (POP) and email clients (IMAP). Free email account include Gmail and Yahoo, to name a few. There’s an abundance of free email hosting options that you are probably already familiar with: Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL are household names.


◉ Free with no commitment or contract

◉ Free email services typically include enough file storage to meet the needs of small businesses and individuals


◉ Might have irritating banners, or on/off page advertisements

◉ Weaker security measures

◉ Redundant help and customer support options

◉ Visitors doubt your authenticity

◉ Less cloud storage space

◉ No personalized domain name ( leading to difficult to remember, long and unbranded email addresses.


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