Wednesday 17 March 2021

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Web Hosts provide different plans and services. While searching for the right web host, select the plan and service that you need the most.

List of few services provided by Web Hosts.

1. Domain Registration

2. Sub Domains

3. Databases

4. Third party software's

5. FTP Access

6. Hot Link Protection

7. Bandwidth

Domain Registration

Almost all web hosting providers provide domain registration. Few hosting providers domain registration free with the hosting account.

Sub Domains

Sub domains is used to create second-level domain names under your primary domain name. The sub domain will point to a folder inside your public _html directory. Eg: if you are using a forum for your website, you can create a sub domain


Databases are used to implement forum, customer orders etc. If you need to implement most of these items you need more number of database support for your domain. The most common database available for web servers is MySQL. MySQL is a free database. The other databases include MSSQL, PostgreSQL and GNU SQL. In windows server Ms Access is also used.

Third party software's

Most of the web hosts provide Free Third party software's like phpbb, fantastico, etc. The website owners can use these software's for there website.

FTP access

There is mainly 2 types of FTP access to the web server. Commonly FTP access is used by web masters to upload files to there website. It will ask for the username and password to connect to your server. After the connection is set, you can add your files to the server.

Anonymous FTP is an other type of FTP access. This is mainly used to post files to the public access directories. Password is not needed for Anonymous FTP.

Hot Link Protection

Hot Link Protection is used to protect your files and images. This will protect your files and images from others to link directly to your web server. Hot Link Protection will prevent others from using your bandwidth.


Each access of your website will send the data from your web server. This is measured in terms of bandwidth. If you have a large number of visitors, you will need high bandwidth. The website will get automatically suspended if the website cross the bandwidth limit. To prevent this check your bandwidth usage regularly. If need go for a better plan.


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