Wednesday 28 July 2021

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Look no further than a stable and reliable dedicated server. If you’re routinely setting up games that can be played with countless other players from around the world, using a dedicated server can be a lifesaver. While most multiplayer online games rely on a host who simultaneously plays and hosts the game simultaneously, this setup can lead to performance issues such as lag, slower loading times, lost files, interrupted games, and (gasp!) crashes.

Invest in a dedicated server, and this won’t happen. Your players will still be able to play your game and not lose out. Because dedicated servers already include high amounts of CPU and RAM, this creates the perfect platform for gaming – minus the accompanying lag, crashes, and glitches. Sure, the devices players use to access the game are responsible for graphics, rendered sound effects, and game control, but the main load from the device is lifted when you access the dedicated game server.

Sure, you can run a dedicated server from your home, but a much easier way is to rent it from a hosting service provider, like Want2Host. Gaming on a dedicated server essentially means the saving mechanisms are more reliable than on a local machine. Why? Because it’s available 24/7 and it’s housed in a reputable data center. This means you won’t have to worry about monitoring, overheating, or security. You’ll also enjoy a much higher bandwidth, which ensures faster gameplay.

Ready to learn more about dedicated servers and why they’re perfect for online gaming? Let’s get started.

Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides

What is a gaming server?

In a multiplayer online game environment, there is typically a host and clients (players). Think of it like any online business, where the host can charge their players for server access or make money from membership fees. (It’s also common for the host to ask for donations from players or even to make money from streaming their gameplay.) 

Generally speaking, a host is a player who starts the game and is responsible for the host machine, which requires more memory, bandwidth, and processing power as the number of players increases. If the host happens to have a weak computer or spotty Internet, the game consequently suffers from lag, bugs, and crashes. The host does have a low latency advantage, just given their proximity to the host machine (their computer or console). 

The host typically uses this machine to run the local version of the game, which is the same device meant to keep the whole game in sync for their players playing. Here, the gaming host is responsible for everything from the player’s location and activity and the overall score and established rules. 

In terms of price per month for game server hosting, you’re looking at anywhere from a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars per month. Ultimately, the total cost depends on how many players are playing and what technical specifications/resources are needed. 

How do dedicated gaming servers work?

With a dedicated server setup, you can think of it as more like a remote computer that hosts a video game for its players. Because a dedicated server doesn’t run on a game engine, it also doesn’t render anything like it would with the aforementioned graphics card. What it does do, however, is instruct client machines on what and when to render. 

In effect, a dedicated server offers more processing, memory, and storage capabilities, allowing you to:

1. Configure your server to provide seamless game playing (choosing the operating system, installing custom scripts, setting up tools, optimizing the game configuration, etc.).

2. Control how many players can join the game (too many players can take up too much processing time or memory). 

3. Restrict or ban users from joining the server if they broke rules or you planned a private gaming event. 

4. Customize and establish the game rules (for example, the number of rounds, equipment rules, winning conditions, etc.).

Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides

What to look for with a dedicated gaming server

While some gamers tend to blame game developers rather than the host for a poor gaming experience, a dedicated server is a foolproof way to ensure your gamers are happy campers. 

And remember that because all the technical resources are dedicated to you and you only, you don’t have to worry about sharing your dedicated server with someone else. This gives you added peace of mind, and you’ve got it, a higher level of security. 

So depending on the type of game you wish to play, your resources will vary, but these are paramount with your dedicated server: 


Not enough RAM and CPU will directly affect your loading time and speed of the server.

Disk space

The amount will influence how many players you’re allowed to have, the gaming time, and business potential.


The higher the bandwidth, the less likely lags are to happen. For example, with Want2Host’s advanced-level servers, you can enjoy unmetered bandwidth.  


Most hosting service providers also offer guaranteed uptime. Want2Host, for example, offers 99.99% uptime which means you can rest easy that your game stays up and running without interruptions.  

Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Guides



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