Wednesday 22 September 2021

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Web Hosting:
Choosing a hosting environment is just like finding a pair of clothes with a perfect tailored fit and a little space for growth. When you have to choose your hosting environment, you have several options available at your disposal. And the right choice lies in an environment that not only have technical capabilities for your website to grow but also the right scripting environment so that your website functions well.

About PHP: PHP is a scripting language designed to build dynamic web pages. The PHP code runs on the web hosting server and is embedded into the HTML code of the website. The front end users don’t allow to access this code as they do with HTML sites. The PHP web hosts are compatible with both Windows and Linux environments.

Benefits of PHP hosting:

◉ Affordable costs: The cost for PHP hosting is comparatively less than other hosting environments because it is an open-source language.

◉ Compatibility: Since PHP is a universal language, the websites are compatible with almost all devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android. Being responsive to every screen size is the most important requirement for any website these days.

◉ Scalable: Upscaling and downscaling your website is very easy. It can handle traffic hike too. New servers can be spun when the traffic load increases. There is no limit to memory storage and performance scalability.

◉ Flexible: PHP easily integrates with CSS and HTML without an extra plug-in. It also meshes with coding frameworks and open source programs like Cake PHP, Mambo, etc.

◉ Security: PHP servers automatically handle the security of your site. It includes data security, privacy, malware protection, etc.

◉ Effectively fast: PHP is a very light on server resources and therefore during high loading times it does not put strain. Since the loading time is less, therefore it reduces conversion rates as well.

◉ Supports all web servers: PHP supports all web servers like Apache, Nginx, Netscape, etc. You can select your version and the application you want.

◉ Data Backup: The PHP servers automatically backup data every day (every 4 hours).

◉ Easy Integration with databases: PHP is very versatile and allows integration with databases like MySql and many more.

◉ Management and support: PHP is used by lots of people and therefore you can easily get help if you get stuck anywhere. If you use managed PHP, you can get support from cloud engineers and can get custom cloud as per your needs.

PHP over other scripting languages:

◉ ColdFusion is only available on certain platforms like Solaris, Win32, etc. whereas PHP can run on all platforms.

◉ ASP is very slow and uses heavy language whereas PHP is faster and easy to understand.

◉ Perl is very complicated and loses flexibility whereas PHP is easier and more flexible.


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