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“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’” – Adam Audette

When we want to host business online then the things that come in mind are Which Domain name to buy? Which domain is good? What are its features? What is hosting? What is it’s use? And various other things. So, here are the answers to all these questions.

Web-Domain or Domain name is the name used in a website’s URL to identify any particular Web page. For example: Web server is a program which processes the network requests of the users and serves them with files that create web pages. This exchange takes place using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In this virtual world, our website data is stored in the hosting server. Hosting Server is just like a computer that contains RAM, Processor, Hard Disk, Operating System etc that can be accessed remotely.

Factors that Decide which Domain to Buy:

Choose Simple Domain Name: Choose a short domain name that is easy to spell, pronounce and memorable. Always choose a domain name related to your work and if domain name is already taken by other users then use synonyms word to register domain.

◉ Avoid Hyphens and Numbers: It is good practice to ignore hyphens and numbers from domain name.

◉ Choose a best Domain Extension: Domain extension matters for marketing and customers purpose. It is highly recommended to use “.com” domain extension because most of the user familiar with .com extension. You can also use “.net, .org, etc.

◉ Customer Support: A company with a good customer support will be at more ease to work.

Transfer Price: If due to any reason you don’t like the domain company e.g. customer support is not good and if you wish to change your company then the extra amount paid to do that is transfer price.

How Website Works with Domain and Hosting ?

When we type URL in search box of browser then the browser send a request to its hosting provider and host send the response page to the browser and the website is downloaded by the browser and then it can be used further. So, the two things are uploading by the server and downloading by the browser.

Types of Web Hosting Servers:

◉ Dedicated Server: The Dedicated server means you are renting and using a complete server system. The cost of dedicated server is very high and the speed is also high. It is very secure because it is used by one company.

◉ Virtual Private Server (VPS): VPS share one physical server into multiple server and the shared server is acting like a separated server.

◉ Shared Server: The website is hosted on the server which is shared with other websites. The main advantage of shared hosting is its cheap price. The cost of shared hosting is very cheap in comparison of other hosting. The main drawback of shared hosting is its slow speed. The speed of website is very slow in shared hosting.

◉ Cloud Based Web Hosting: It is a hosting technology that lets hundreds of individual servers work together so that it looks like a big (giant) server. The main advantage of cloud-based web hosting is that its size can be modify according to server needs.

Factors that Decide which Hosting to Choose:

◉ Port Speed: It is another word for internet speed. Thus if the Internet Speed is high then the speed of uploading and downloading is also high.

◉ Data Cap: This is the transfer limit of the data provided by the server. After exceeding the limit charges are to be paid.

◉ Operating System: It has to be checked if there are some particular software’s used in website which are only available in selected operating system then opt for that operating system. Example: if you want to design a website in WordPress then LINUX OS works good and is also free.

◉ RAM & Processing Power: The requirements of RAM and processing power in a website can be done with the help of server. A shared server can handle about 1000 users at a time above it VPS server will be required and after some limit dedicated server will work.

◉ Input Output operations: In RAM, there is an input output operations so it has to be checked that at a time how many input output operations can the server handle. The more operations the server can handle the better.

◉ Area of the market: If the website is most likely to be used in India, it is preferred to buy a hosting of India.


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