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Business Hosting, Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Business Hosting: Business Hosting, as the name suggests, is basically a web hosting package on a server provided to online business and e-commerce of all aspects, as well as shared among other users who purchased business hosting. It also allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible online.

Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting, as the name suggests, is basically a type of web hosting that works by allowing users to share space on a single server that keeps costs low and easy to use web hosting service. The website generally resides on one web server that is connected to the internet.

VPS Hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, as the name suggests, is basically a type of hosting that is widely used because it allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, etc., and offers virtual machines to clients. It provides reliability, security, and greater performance.

Business Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Business Hosting Shared Hosting  VPS Hosting 
It is a type of hosting without the need for a server administrator.  It is a type of hosting where physical server hosts multiple websites. It is a type of hosting that provides server environment for websites and virtually mimics dedicates server environment within the shared server.
It works by supplying the power of VPS with the ease of shared hosting.   It works by allowing various users to share space in single server usually maintained by the hosting provider.   It requires advanced knowledge of WHM and Linux command line to implement VPS hosting. 
Sometimes, resources are limited because of high entry processes.  Resources are limitless and can continue website’s growth and success.   It is less efficient and limited in its level of resources available to website. 
It is good for e-commerce websites, high traffic, or data-intensive sites and applications.   It is good for basic websites, low resource applications.   It provides less disk space and one might need to work manually to run some actions.  
Site visitors are very high.  Site visitors are low.   Site visitors are low. 
It is less cost-effective as compared to shared hosting.   It is more cost effective because resources are shared among various clients on the cost-effective provides the same server.   It is more cost effective than business hosting.  
It is less flexible but more reliable.   It is more flexible and easier to self-manage.  It is more flexible and provide power but less secure. 
Business hosting is important to protect data and keep it secure so that they don’t have any issues at an hundredsinitial stage.  Shared hosting is important because it provides enough space and bandwidth for the website and is sufficient to take care of their online presence without any difficulty.   It is less complex in terms of resource management so there is no maintenance of server required and one can enjoy basic server administration of the website. 
It provides high performing and easy to use hosting environment for business owners.   It provides a single server that is used to host hundred and even thousands of websites and is the most efficient way to host website.   It uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated i.e., private resources on server with various users. 


Wednesday 8 June 2022

Key Difference: A server is a system where one gets information of whatever he needs which is provided by a server’s network. On the other hand, a Web Hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals, firms and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

There are three basic parts which makes any current website -

- The domain name.

- The web-hosting or server.

- The site files themselves.

Web Server, Web Host, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews
‘Servers’ became common during the 1990s. It is basically a machine offering services to other machines. It is kind of a datacenter from where all the information is taken. Server is quite a broad term, used in the world of IT (Information Technology). There is a transcoder through which a browser can connect to the web sever - Browser-transcoder-Web server.

In a simple form, web servers are computers that deliver (serves up) web pages. Every web server has an IP address and possibly a domain name. For example, if you enter the URL in your browser, this sends a request to the Web server whose domain name is The server then fetches the page named index.html and sends it to your browser.

There are many different types of servers.

For example:

◉ File server: a computer and storage device dedicated to storing files. Any user on the network can store files on the server.

◉ Print server: a computer that manages one or more printers and a network server is a computer that manages network traffic.

◉ Database server: a computer system that processes database queries.

Web Server, Web Host, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews
A ‘web host’ is the name given to the company hosting a site on a server. It is the company that sells or rents the machine and keep them running. It is basically a software providing services to a computer that provides services on smaller or larger scale. Without a domain, having a site or hosting is impractical. A domain is like a phonebook when one needs to make an entry. It is must so that people can communicate with other. IP address, using number, etc is all needed to communicate.

There are different types of web server and web host:

Types of Web Server  Types of Web Host
Proxy Servers  Free Host
Mail Servers  Shared (Virtual) Host 
Applications Servers  Dedicated host 
Server Platforms  Collocate host 
Real-time Communication Servers  Reseller host 

They all play a different role in some or the other way, but in this, the focus is on web server and web host. They are the most important factors which is a must in an organization for their network systems. The main difference between both of them is that, Web server is a computer program that upon the request from a web browser, it delivers Web pages to a user’s computer. It can be either a software or a hardware. Web host is the business of providing various services, hardware and software for Web sites, as storage and the maintenance of the site files on a server.

Monday 6 June 2022

URL and IP Address

In order to find what you want on the internet, you need to have a pointer of where to find it. URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) and IP addresses are just identifiers used for this purpose. The main difference between URL and IP address is what they point to. An IP address basically points to a computer, whether it is the physical hardware or a virtual one as in the case of shared hosting. In comparison, a typical URL contains the protocol to be used (i.e. HTTP, FTP), the domain name or IP address, the path, and optional fragment identifier. It is obvious to see that an IP address can be part of a URL, although it is more common to see a domain name instead of an IP address.

Web Hosting, URL, IP Address, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

Because majority of URL use have the domain name instead of the IP address, it is necessary to process the request through a Domain Name Server (DNS) in order to convert the domain name into an IP address. Without the DNS, the request would fail as the computer would not be able to find the host. The development of URL stemmed from the fact that IP addresses are a lot more difficult to remember than words that are related to the site’s content or purpose.

One thing that the internet is facing right now is the rapid depletion of the IP address pool due to the rapid growth of the internet. That is why IPv6 was developed to increase the maximum number of IP addresses that can be used. On the other hand, there is virtually no limit to the number of possible URLs because there is no limitation to the name. It is also very common for larger sites to have multiple URLs point to the same site to ensure that their users are not misled by people who might register the similar domain name.

To sum it all up, a URL is a more comprehensive pointer to what you want on the internet and where it is found. An IP address is just the address of the computer. Some computers may have a default behavior when accessed and typing the IP address on a browser would immediately use the HTTP protocol and go to the index page of the site.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

It feels great when you see your work being viewed and praised by everyone. Right? Hosting gives you such an offer where you can see your project working live on the Internet. You can host your website free or paid depending on your convenience. What is Hosting? Hosting is an online service where you get the opportunity to publish your website files onto the internet. Hosting has become very easy and efficient nowadays after the advent of cloud services and technology. You can also make your website available on the cloud using SAAS Hosting.

Hosting Platforms, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting

Types of hosting:

1. Shared Hosting
2. VPS Hosting
3. WordPress Hosting
4. Dedicated V
5. Cloud Hosting
6. Reseller Hosting

The transition towards Python Projects brought the requirement of the platform to host work. There are plenty of platforms used for hosting python projects. To keep you away from a lot of confusion and competition in the hosting field, we have hand-picked the Top 5 Hosting Services which are available in the market for Python Apps.

1. Heroku

Heroku is basically a cloud platform that supports multiple programming languages and it also provides a platform for hosting python projects. Heroku is so far the best platform available on the internet for students to host python-based applications. It is absolutely free and can also deploy from GitHub. It does not require any premium subscription to host or connect our project to our domain name.

Heroku app can also be used for hosting projects in different languages like Python, Node js, Scala, Clojure, Go, Php, Java, and Ruby. It uses the policy of “Pay What You Use”. If we use a premium account in Heroku, it only charges us for what we use in a month. The bill will be generated on a monthly basis. It also contains a Command Line Interface(CLI) for performing actions like creating apps, watching dyno hours, etc.

2. Python Anywhere

Python anywhere is the online hosting-based environment for hosting python based apps. It provides access to server-based python and bash CLI. Python anywhere also provides code editor features and syntax highlighter. It also allows us to deploy apps from GitHub. We can do pretty much everything in python anywhere free version. But the additional features like connecting our projects with the domain come under the premium version. It allows only limited storage space for storing our project with the free plan. Only premium users can get access to more storage. It has four pricing levels namely hacker, web dev, startup, and custom. The basic package starts with 5 dollars or 375 rupees approx.

This python anywhere is mainly can be used by teachers to track their student’s projects. This special feature of Python anywhere helps many students and teachers in a way that teachers can see what the student is typing and also the teacher can correct their mistakes in the coding part. So python anywhere is much more useful for schools and colleges to learn or teach python.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger International, Ltd is a web hosting company that helps us to deploy our apps online. It hosts our apps in Cpanel, we can host our apps for free also in Hostinger. In Hostinger, python is supported on the VPS plans. It provides a network with a speed of 100 MB/S and also provides IPv6 support. We can also get the money back in 30 days if we do not like it. But to host python apps it charges a cost of around 4 dollars or 300 rupees approx per month. It also provides a free domain for one year. It stores all our data in cloud storage. It always ensures that the app is running without any issue. Downtime of our application can be reduced with this Hostinger.

4. A2 Hosting

A web hosting platform for python which is fast, friendly customer service, and reliable web hosting platform. You can avail customized, quick, and refined python hosting solutions. It comes with high-performance and high-speed Swiftservers for increasing the page speed higher up to 20 times. It supports PHP, Python, MySQL, NodeJS, and Apache. Using A2 Hosting increases the chances of conversion rates or SEO ranks. It prevents cyber-attacks and blocks several online threats. It possesses unlimited storage and data transfer. It calls its SSDs “Turbo Servers” to load the page.


Monday 16 May 2022

Responsive Website: Responsive websites are websites that are designed to fit all types of devices and adjust website layout to best fit screen size. There is no need to make any other device version of the website to fit small devices.

Mobile Website: Mobile websites are websites that are designed to fit especially small devices screen such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. It is needed to make a desktop version of the website to fit the mobile device-specific desktop screen.

Difference between Responsive and Mobile Website

Responsive Website Mobile Website 
Responsive websites are designed to fit all screen sizes such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets.   Mobile websites are designed specially to fit mobile screen sizes.  
These sites are not device specific I.e.device-specific the can be viewed on any device without any problem.  These sites are device specific I.e., can be viewed and look better only on a device-specific mobile device.  
Content and features remain same across all devices.  As websites are mobile device specific, therefore content can be different from both mobile and desktop versions.  
These websites look good on both large and small screen devices as these websites adjust itself automatically to best fit screen size.  These websites won’t look good and correct on large screen devices such as desktop or laptop because they are made for small screen devices. 
It requires less maintenance because there is no other separate version of the website to maintain.   It requires more maintenance as desktop version of the website also requires the same amount of maintenance as that required by the mobile version.  
There is no separate mobile domain, it uses same URL across all devices that in turn bring it higher on SEO Rank.   There is a separate mobile domain and desktop domain, it uses different URLs for both desktop and mobile versions. It is difficult to manage two SEO campaigns.  
Maintaining only one website requires less time, effort, cost as compared to maintaining two versions of website.  Maintaining two website version requires more time, effort, cost as compared to maintaining one website.  
Changes made to content or features will automatically update content and features across all devices.   If one wants to change or update content, then they need to make changes to both mobile and desktop versions.  
It requires less time to develop responsive website but is more expensive to develop. It requires more time to develop mobile website but is less expensive to develop.
It takes more time to load than mobile websites. It takes less time to load than a responsive website.


Thursday 24 March 2022

WebM Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post web pages and websites on the internet so that others can view this live. WebM Hosting Service provider is a business that provides us with the services and technologies which is needed for the website and web pages to be viewed on the internet. It is basically used to maintain the website to work properly live and no error or malfunction occurs at that time. There are several companies that provide web hosting services for that and they are sometimes called Web Hosts.

Webm Hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Career, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

WebM is a video format for the web which is basically used for HD movies, amateur video, live streaming, video calling, and various videos which can be watched on the web. It is an open-source, royalty-free, media file format that is designed for the web and anybody can work on. The files of WebM consist of video streams compressed with the VP8 or VP9 video codecs and audio streams.

Initially, WebM is developed by Google as a Multimedia Project in order to store video content and also for compress the video for optimal video streaming on the internet. So basically WebM Hosting is the activity of providing storage space and access for websites. Let’s suppose – You design any website and you want that website to be available on the internet so that other people also see it. So for that firstly you have to publish it with a web hosting service then only it will be available on the internet.

Types of WebM Hosting are:

1. Shared Hosting:

◉ It is the cheapest of all the hosting available in the market.

◉ It provides a more beginner-friendly hosting solution.

◉ It requires very little technical expertise as compared to all other web hostings.

2. VPS Hosting:

◉ It provides a dedicated virtual partition for each user, ensuring sufficient resources available to them.

◉ It is not generally affected by other site’s traffic.

◉ It is very stable and faster than others.

3. Cloud Hosting:

◉ It allows a large number of machines to work as one system.

◉ It helps in increasing uptime by balancing the traffic between multiple servers.

◉ It provides good scalability.

4. Dedicated Web Hosting:

◉ It provides instant provisioning.

◉ It has maximum control.

◉ It has high performance dedicated server.

5. Managed WordPress Web Hosting:

◉ Plugins available here just help us to give the final touch to our website.

◉ It provides better safety and security.

◉ Ease of use.

How does WebM Hosting Works?

Web Hosting Services basically works by managing and maintaining secure storage space for the websites whereas Web Hosts provides us with the storage space, which is a core part of the functionality. It helps us in storing the data on hardware called Web Servers, which also allows us for easy maintenance and also access by the users. If the Website doesn’t have enough host capacity and good maintenance then the website may not work properly and the possibility that Glitches will be found and it behaves erratically. It also leaves a bad impact on our users and decreases the audience of the websites. So WebM Hosting is very necessary for the website to be live publically and working properly.

Some of the best WebM Hosting Services are:

1. Namecheap

2. HostGator

3. DreamHost

Monday 21 March 2022

Managed Website Hosting, Web Hosting, Compare Web Hosting, Web Hosting Guides

Managed Website Hosting is basically an IT Provisioning model where a service provider sublets dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer and helps to manage those systems on the customer’s behalf. With the help of Managed Website Hosting, The Hosting Service sets up the server and can easily take care of day-to-day operations, 24/7. They basically deal with software updates, handle security, troubleshoot technical problems, hardware maintenance, control servers, and many more.

Though both The Managed Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting, basically involve a dedicated server, with dedicated web hosting you manage the server yourself. It offers a server for exclusive use. Managed Web Hosting is quite similar to virtual or shared hosting where the web hosting company works to manage the server.

Benefits of using Managed Website Hosting:

◉ Managed Web Hosting is a flexible option as it helps us to create solutions that adjust to our demands and requirements. we are even flexible to change our demands as per the changing requirements.

◉ The biggest benefit of choosing a managed website hosting solution is that we always have support. Whenever we need help, we can easily count on qualified support professionals to respond and help to resolve our queries.

◉ It supports anytime, every time.

◉ Authentic Security and Highly Expertise.

◉ Server Monitoring.

◉ Helps to keep up with the speed of Business.

Managed Website Hosting is an efficient choice for:

◉ For the websites that have heavy back-end needs.

◉ For the online shops and stores that have high traffic.

◉ For Online enterprises that require up-to-date security features.

◉ For a small business like Startups with limited IT Staff.  

Following are some of the best cloud Website Hosting providers:

◉ GoDaddy

◉ Bluehost

◉ Cloud Ways 

◉ Hostinger

◉ DigitalOcean

◉ DreamHost


Tuesday 18 January 2022

Free Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

For the beginners (especially students), the most common problem faced by them while building a website is Budget. Yes, to run a website it requires a Web Hosting service that costs you a big money and it’s true that in the learning or testing process, no one wants to spend that money. But.. how nice it would be if you get the web hosting for your website at zero cost i.e, Free! Yes, there are various platforms where you can host your website for free as long as you demand, all you have to do is choose the right one for your website.

Before moving further, let’s have a brief introduction to Web Hosting. Web Hosting is the service in which storage space on a server is provided for your website. When your website is uploaded on such servers then it can be accessible to the users through the internet. The users need to enter the web address or domain name of your site into the web browser. The computer will then connect to the server and display the web pages to the users.

However, the free web hosting services put some restrictions such as limited bandwidth, displaying their own ads, storage capacity, etc., but if you’re a learner or student or if you want to launch your website for testing purposes, it is much better to use these no-cost hosting platforms. Here, in this article, we will let you about 5 Top Sites for Free Web Hosting.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the leading platform for free website hosting. It was launched in 2005 by Automattic, Inc. and it provides web hosting services for its users via both free and paid plans. Along with the number of free themes and various customization options, WordPress offers you an easy-to-use interface to host your website. In the free hosting plan, you can even monetize your site by placing the affiliate links or by using their own WordAds program. Also, you can use this free hosting plan as long as you need it, as there is not any time limit.


◉ Storage up to 3GB

◉ Subdomain

◉ Various Free Templates

◉ Automatic Backups & Updates

Although the free hosting plan of WordPress will place their ads on your site, however, you can upgrade to their paid plan at any time. In the paid plans, you can get rid of their ads on your site and can access other beneficial features as well.

2. Wix

Wix is one of the leading players in the web-development field that offers free website hosting along with various other features. Wix, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, was launched in 2006 to offer web development services. It also allows users to build websites through the drag-and-drop interface. It offers you a reliable hosting service as all of your site content is stored on secure servers situated around the globe. Also, there is no need for any kind of installation process as your site will be hosted automatically just after it gets published.


◉ Storage up to 500MB

◉ Subdomain

◉ Drag & Drop Tools with various Free Templates

◉ Advanced Security Monitoring

◉ Automatic Setup

In the free hosting plan, Wix places its advertisements on your website and also you have to use their subdomain as your website address. However, to remove these ads and use custom domain along with various additional features, you have to switch over the premium hosting plan.

3. Weebly

Weebly, headquartered in San Francisco, is the well-known web hosting service platform controlled by its parent company Square, Inc. It offers various hosting plans along with the latest website templates and drag and drop tools. Weebly also offers various built-in features and there is no need to install any extension to use them. However, like other free hosting platforms, Weebly also has some of its limitations in terms of features such as you have to use Weebly subdomain as your site web address, display Weebly ads on your site, etc.


◉ Storage up to 500MB

◉ Subdomain

◉ Free SSL security

◉ Various Free Templates

◉ Free SEO

Weebly serves your site across the whole server system that enhances the performance rate of your site. Apart from the free hosting plans, Weebly also offers some premium hosting plans. You can upgrade to these premium plans to avoid Weebly ads, to use a custom domain, unlimited storage, etc.

4. AwardSpace

AwardSpace is one of the leading free website hosting providers having high-end server technology. The best part of AwardSpace free hosting is that it is ad-free and you don’t require to place unwanted ads on your website. You can easily start with your website to get hosted with AwardSpace, all you have to do is sign up for a free website hosting account, choose any of the two CMS and do the installation for the same. AwardSpace offers various paid hosting plans as well and you can switch over from free to paid hosting anytime to access the additional features,


◉ Storage up to 1GB

◉ One Free Domain (with a extension) and 3 Free Subdomains

◉ One-Click CMS Installer (WordPress or Joomla)

◉ Absolutely Ad-Free

◉ Web-based File Manager

Moreover, AwardSpace offers an eccentric hosting control panel that seems to be very user-friendly and also a firewall is enabled in the hosting platform to prevent any kind of unauthorized access.

5. 000webhost

000webhost, powered by Hostinger, is also one of the most popular free web hosting providers. In 000webhost free hosting, you will get a cPanel, a WordPress auto-installer, website builder tool, etc. The hosting platform supports PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, etc. and also, there is no need to place unwanted ads by the service provider (i.e., Ad-free hosting). Also, the 000webhost offers you secured service as its servers use advanced firewalls with DDoS protection that ensures the protection of your website. You can use 000webhost free hosting as long as you want, and if can also upgrade to paid plans to access additional features.


◉ 300 MB of Disk Space

◉ Ad-Free Hosting

◉ Complete PHP & MySQL Database Support

◉ One-Click Installation Process

◉ Various Free Templates

Although, in a 000webhost free hosting account, you can control up to 2 active websites at a time with the provided tool in the cPanel and you are not required to attach any payment method (credit card, debit card, etc.) to access the free web hosting.

Monday 10 January 2022

Managed hosting keeps the day-to-day management of servers, system hardware, and system software in the hands of the web hosting provider. Hardware and other operating features are typically leased to a client as part of a service agreement. Receiving application-level management feels a lot like having a red carpet rolled out for you. It will also feel that way for your website visitors when they encounter a platform that loads quickly, reliably, and smoothly.

Managed Hosting, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

Managed hosting is an efficient choice for:

◉ Small businesses with limited IT staff

◉ Online stores with high traffic

◉ Online enterprises that require up-to-date security features

◉ Websites with heavy back-end needs

Getting Started

How do you create a solid, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure when you don't actually know anything about IT infrastructure? It’s easy—just hire the right company to take care of it for you.

Managed hosting is a flexible option because you're able to create solutions that adjust to your demands and requirements. You can even keep adjusting solutions as your volume grows and changes. That means you won't be biting your nails while worrying that your website might crash every time you run a promotion or push out content that's bound to get a large response.

The biggest perk of choosing a managed hosting solution is that you'll always have support. You can count on qualified support professionals to respond when there is an issue affecting the front-end or back-end performance of your website. This can have a huge impact if your website being down or compromised means you could lose traffic or sales. In addition, you won't have to worry about taking care of routine server maintenance.

Getting the Best Value for Your Investment

Managed hosting is one of the best investments a small business can make while having an elegant, reputable online presence. It offers you the chance to run a website optimized for performance and pre-configured for easy maintenance.

Managed hosting gives you access to state-of-the-art technology even if you're not ready to invest in your own IT team or don't have the time or knowledge to get your hands dirty in the world of coding. You also won't be stuck with the responsibility of investing in costly hardware or staying ahead of system upgrades the way you would if you were handling your hosting needs using an in-house method.

A Web Hosting Solution That Upgrades With You

You won't get locked into doing things one way when you go with managed hosting. You have the freedom to adjust your web hosting plan as your business grows or changes direction. Your website will be able to handle spikes in traffic without any hiccups. You're essentially giving up the hard work of keeping a website running without giving up creative or administrative control. The best of both worlds!

View Our VPS Hosting Plans

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Web Server: Web server is a program which processes the network requests of the users and serves them with files that create web pages. This exchange takes place using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Basically, web servers are computers used to store HTTP files which makes a website and when a client requests a certain website, it delivers the requested website to the client. For example, you want to open Facebook on your laptop and enter the URL in the search bar of google. Now, the laptop will send an HTTP request to view the facebook webpage to another computer known as the webserver. This computer (webserver) contains all the files (usually in HTTP format) which make up the website like text, images, gif files, etc. After processing the request, the webserver will send the requested website-related files to your computer and then you can reach the website.

Different websites can be stored on the same or different web servers but that doesn’t affect the actual website that you are seeing in your computer. The web server can be any software or hardware but is usually a software running on a computer. One web server can handle multiple users at any given time which is a necessity otherwise there had to be a web server for each user and considering the current world population, is nearly close to impossible. A web server is never disconnected from the internet because if it was, then it won’t be able to receive any requests, and therefore cannot process them.

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

There are many web servers available in the market both free and paid. Some of them are described below:

◉ Apache HTTP server: It is the most popular web server and about 60 percent of the world’s web server machines run this web server. The Apache HTTP web server was developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is an open-source software which means that we can access and make changes to its code and mold it according to our preference. The Apache Web Server can be installed and operated easily on almost all operating systems like Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

◉ Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS): IIS (Internet Information Services) is a high performing web server developed by Microsoft. It is strongly united with the operating system and is therefore relatively easier to administer. It is developed by Microsoft, it has a good customer support system which is easier to access if we encounter any issue with the server. It has all the features of the Apache HTTP Server except that it is not an open-source software and therefore its code is inaccessible which means that we cannot make changes in the code to suit our needs. It can be easily installed in any Windows device.

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

◉ Lighttpd: Lighttpd is pronounced as ‘Lightly’. It currently runs about 0.1 percent of the world’s websites. Lighttpd has a small CPU load and is therefore comparatively easier to run. It has a low memory footprint and hence in comparison to the other web servers, requires less memory space to run which is always an advantage. It also has speed optimizations which means that we can optimize or change its speed according to our requirements. It is an open-source software which means that we can access its code and add changes to it according to our needs and then upload our own module (the changed code).

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

◉ Jigsaw Server: Jigsaw has been written in the Java language and it can run CGI (common gateway interference) scripts as well as PHP programs. It is not a full-fledged server and was developed as an experimental server to demonstrate the new web protocols. It is an open-source software which means that we can access its code and add changes to it according to our needs and then upload our own module (the changed code). It can be installed on any device provided that the device supports Java language and modifications in Java.

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting

◉ Sun Java System: The Sun Java System supports various languages, scripts, and technologies required for Web 2.0 such as Python, PHP, etc. It is not an open-source software and therefore its code is inaccessible which means that we cannot make changes in the code to suit our needs.

Web Server, Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reviews, Compare Web Hosting



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