Monday 21 March 2022

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Managed Website Hosting is basically an IT Provisioning model where a service provider sublets dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer and helps to manage those systems on the customer’s behalf. With the help of Managed Website Hosting, The Hosting Service sets up the server and can easily take care of day-to-day operations, 24/7. They basically deal with software updates, handle security, troubleshoot technical problems, hardware maintenance, control servers, and many more.

Though both The Managed Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting, basically involve a dedicated server, with dedicated web hosting you manage the server yourself. It offers a server for exclusive use. Managed Web Hosting is quite similar to virtual or shared hosting where the web hosting company works to manage the server.

Benefits of using Managed Website Hosting:

◉ Managed Web Hosting is a flexible option as it helps us to create solutions that adjust to our demands and requirements. we are even flexible to change our demands as per the changing requirements.

◉ The biggest benefit of choosing a managed website hosting solution is that we always have support. Whenever we need help, we can easily count on qualified support professionals to respond and help to resolve our queries.

◉ It supports anytime, every time.

◉ Authentic Security and Highly Expertise.

◉ Server Monitoring.

◉ Helps to keep up with the speed of Business.

Managed Website Hosting is an efficient choice for:

◉ For the websites that have heavy back-end needs.

◉ For the online shops and stores that have high traffic.

◉ For Online enterprises that require up-to-date security features.

◉ For a small business like Startups with limited IT Staff.  

Following are some of the best cloud Website Hosting providers:

◉ GoDaddy

◉ Bluehost

◉ Cloud Ways 

◉ Hostinger

◉ DigitalOcean

◉ DreamHost



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