Tuesday 24 May 2022

It feels great when you see your work being viewed and praised by everyone. Right? Hosting gives you such an offer where you can see your project working live on the Internet. You can host your website free or paid depending on your convenience. What is Hosting? Hosting is an online service where you get the opportunity to publish your website files onto the internet. Hosting has become very easy and efficient nowadays after the advent of cloud services and technology. You can also make your website available on the cloud using SAAS Hosting.

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Types of hosting:

1. Shared Hosting
2. VPS Hosting
3. WordPress Hosting
4. Dedicated V
5. Cloud Hosting
6. Reseller Hosting

The transition towards Python Projects brought the requirement of the platform to host work. There are plenty of platforms used for hosting python projects. To keep you away from a lot of confusion and competition in the hosting field, we have hand-picked the Top 5 Hosting Services which are available in the market for Python Apps.

1. Heroku

Heroku is basically a cloud platform that supports multiple programming languages and it also provides a platform for hosting python projects. Heroku is so far the best platform available on the internet for students to host python-based applications. It is absolutely free and can also deploy from GitHub. It does not require any premium subscription to host or connect our project to our domain name.

Heroku app can also be used for hosting projects in different languages like Python, Node js, Scala, Clojure, Go, Php, Java, and Ruby. It uses the policy of “Pay What You Use”. If we use a premium account in Heroku, it only charges us for what we use in a month. The bill will be generated on a monthly basis. It also contains a Command Line Interface(CLI) for performing actions like creating apps, watching dyno hours, etc.

2. Python Anywhere

Python anywhere is the online hosting-based environment for hosting python based apps. It provides access to server-based python and bash CLI. Python anywhere also provides code editor features and syntax highlighter. It also allows us to deploy apps from GitHub. We can do pretty much everything in python anywhere free version. But the additional features like connecting our projects with the domain come under the premium version. It allows only limited storage space for storing our project with the free plan. Only premium users can get access to more storage. It has four pricing levels namely hacker, web dev, startup, and custom. The basic package starts with 5 dollars or 375 rupees approx.

This python anywhere is mainly can be used by teachers to track their student’s projects. This special feature of Python anywhere helps many students and teachers in a way that teachers can see what the student is typing and also the teacher can correct their mistakes in the coding part. So python anywhere is much more useful for schools and colleges to learn or teach python.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger International, Ltd is a web hosting company that helps us to deploy our apps online. It hosts our apps in Cpanel, we can host our apps for free also in Hostinger. In Hostinger, python is supported on the VPS plans. It provides a network with a speed of 100 MB/S and also provides IPv6 support. We can also get the money back in 30 days if we do not like it. But to host python apps it charges a cost of around 4 dollars or 300 rupees approx per month. It also provides a free domain for one year. It stores all our data in cloud storage. It always ensures that the app is running without any issue. Downtime of our application can be reduced with this Hostinger.

4. A2 Hosting

A web hosting platform for python which is fast, friendly customer service, and reliable web hosting platform. You can avail customized, quick, and refined python hosting solutions. It comes with high-performance and high-speed Swiftservers for increasing the page speed higher up to 20 times. It supports PHP, Python, MySQL, NodeJS, and Apache. Using A2 Hosting increases the chances of conversion rates or SEO ranks. It prevents cyber-attacks and blocks several online threats. It possesses unlimited storage and data transfer. It calls its SSDs “Turbo Servers” to load the page.

Source: geeksforgeeks.org

Monday 16 May 2022

Responsive Website: Responsive websites are websites that are designed to fit all types of devices and adjust website layout to best fit screen size. There is no need to make any other device version of the website to fit small devices.

Mobile Website: Mobile websites are websites that are designed to fit especially small devices screen such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. It is needed to make a desktop version of the website to fit the mobile device-specific desktop screen.

Difference between Responsive and Mobile Website

Responsive Website Mobile Website 
Responsive websites are designed to fit all screen sizes such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets.   Mobile websites are designed specially to fit mobile screen sizes.  
These sites are not device specific I.e.device-specific the can be viewed on any device without any problem.  These sites are device specific I.e., can be viewed and look better only on a device-specific mobile device.  
Content and features remain same across all devices.  As websites are mobile device specific, therefore content can be different from both mobile and desktop versions.  
These websites look good on both large and small screen devices as these websites adjust itself automatically to best fit screen size.  These websites won’t look good and correct on large screen devices such as desktop or laptop because they are made for small screen devices. 
It requires less maintenance because there is no other separate version of the website to maintain.   It requires more maintenance as desktop version of the website also requires the same amount of maintenance as that required by the mobile version.  
There is no separate mobile domain, it uses same URL across all devices that in turn bring it higher on SEO Rank.   There is a separate mobile domain and desktop domain, it uses different URLs for both desktop and mobile versions. It is difficult to manage two SEO campaigns.  
Maintaining only one website requires less time, effort, cost as compared to maintaining two versions of website.  Maintaining two website version requires more time, effort, cost as compared to maintaining one website.  
Changes made to content or features will automatically update content and features across all devices.   If one wants to change or update content, then they need to make changes to both mobile and desktop versions.  
It requires less time to develop responsive website but is more expensive to develop. It requires more time to develop mobile website but is less expensive to develop.
It takes more time to load than mobile websites. It takes less time to load than a responsive website.

Source: geeksforgeeks.org


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