Thursday 25 May 2017

Bandwidth, upload time, hosting fees… We all know the old adage that time is money, but how much does that hold up in today’s world? The answer is more than ever. With so many digital facets vying for our collective attention, it’s crucial for the success of an online businesses to make sure that server speed, reliability and security are all adhered to indefinitely.

Much like a good social media strategy, an online business needs to be acutely aware of their surroundings, target audience and customer needs. Are you a flower store that’s prepared for the influx of traffic when Valentine’s Day comes around? Is your online shop ready for the mass spending that occurs come Christmas? Whatever your area of trade, shoppers on the web rarely forgive a site’s incapability to deliver what it promises; not when there is so much else to choose from.

Server Location is Key

There are many options for self-hosting a website – cheap plans starting at $1/month or ones that offer full-service deluxe packages for over one hundred times that price. Often, there’s just no avoiding all the fine print. Besides just noticing the price, though, you should pay attention to server location, because that typically plays a role in how fast a website loads.

Depending on your customer traffic rate, web hosting companies such as 1&1 for instance, make it their mission to deliver stable and powerful servers that will support your potentially growing online store. Depending on what kind of online shop you have, traffic might be heavier in different seasons, or different times of day if you’re an online gaming site.

A trustworthy dedicated host gives your site not only a fixed domain name and a full array of beneficial tools such as design templates and web apps, but ultimately the dependability of consistent and easy access to your site.

Servers for Online Stores

In 2015, the only way is up for online businesses to cash in on the booming market. As evident in CMO’s statistics concerning shopping over the web, the results showed that the trend for consumers to research, browse and eventually purchase online is rising steadily and predicted to grow staggeringly in the following years.

For a business to make an impact on new and acquired customers alike, the best way is to give them a seamless and smooth process on your site, which will expectantly lead to expanding trade for your business. Having a solid server to host your site is just the building blocks for a successful site.


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