Saturday 10 June 2017

You may be a blogger or a website owner, you will always prefer VPS or dedicated server for your blog or website.  But do you know how to secure your server or do you have that much time to think upon it? No, right? So here are five simple steps to secure your VPS and dedicated server –

VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server

1. Avoid Using Password to Access :

You always use the root account password to access your server but it isn’t a safe way. You need to generate and configure SSH key so that your client can access your server further as this will decrease the chances of getting hacked with your password.

2. Dedicated SSL is a Must :

Many times it happens that you get a security warning while trying to access your server first time using your IP and port. No doubt all cPanel servers have default self-signed SSL installed but it isn’t highly secure and so you receive warning errors. Installing a dedicated trusted SSL on your server using SSH or WHM root would prove helpful to avoid this error.

3. Scanning for Malware and Virus is Important :

Scanning your server regularly is a must to detect virus and malware so that you can find a solution to remove those.

4. Server Access Needs to be From a Trusted ISP :

Remember don’t access your server any cyber café or similar places especially the public WiFi zones while connecting to your server. Get your static IP from your ISP provider if possible and configure it to your server firewall and block other access. It might sometimes happen that would be unable to access your server if you don’t have the same ISP that has been configured for root access to the firewall.

5. Server Monitoring and Processing Needs Attention :

Many of you don’t usually care about server monitoring and process. You simply setup the website and leave it there for months or years without checking it for warnings and server processes. Checking the process and error logs of the server on weekly basis is significant to keep it safe and clean for your website health.

Hope these tips will help you to maintain your server’s health for longer duration without spending on extra premium services.


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