Thursday 14 December 2017

You can never be a good poet unless and until you are aware of the basics of the literature. In the same way, entering in to the world of web just randomly going with any hosting company is a blunder. In fact, a good host can solve most of your worries. Prior investing on a host, you need to enquire about certain points from him. Here we have mentioned about some of these. Have a look!

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10. Share or Dedicated Host

If you are having a professional intention regarding your web presence, then going with a free hosting is never recommended. They can just make your life sleepless. Yes, being a tyro you may initially go with the shared hosting options. And, as the site grows you can shift for the dedicated hosting plan.

9. No Hidden Cost

Undoubtedly, shared hosting will cost you less and the dedicated hosting a bit more. But, make sure the hosting company involves no hidden cost. Enquire in detail about the bandwidth, storage that they offer with each package.

8. Go Through the Reviews

Go through the reviews, forums, and discussions about the particular hosting company and then make a decision. If the customers have provided the contact number there, you must make a call. Going through the host’s own site is fine; but read different blogs written in a comparative way on it as well. You can get a clear picture through the process.

7. Customer Support

Irrespective of the discussion kind, it is obvious to be a point there regarding Customer service. Reason is apparent. Not every one is an expert in terms of server, hosting, and all those; neither can you guarantee everything is going to be all right for ever. Hence, make sure they put all out effort in solving your queries.

6. If Anything Wrong Happens in Future

It is important to mark that your name is mentioned as the administrator with InterNIC regarding your domain name. The host must register the domain name for you. This is important to stay assured if any inconvenience happens in future with that particular hosting company.

5. Which Others Are Sharing Your Server?

If you are on a shared hosting plan, make sure the server you are sharing is not hosting any porn site. These sites generally affect the bandwidth at a great extent. In fact, you should have every detail about the other sites those are sharing your server.

4. Protection

Protection is the utmost importance of any business, and so with this. Make sure your host offers high-end security arrangements. Ask them about the kind of solution they are having for something like spam, viruses cross site scripting, etc.

3. Prior Going With Bigger Deals

Going through the annual plans might sound lucrative, but sometimes they have turned out to be regretting. Prior going with these long term plans have strict enquiry about what are the conditions if the performance is not up to the mark. On these occasions, ask for money back guarantee.

2. Control Panel Flexibility

Have a clear picture on the kind of server you are going to be functional with, and their statistical impact on your site. If you want full control over the cpanel, then the internet based solution might not be convenient for you. Discuss in detail on these aspects with your hosting company.

1. How Your Company Does Get Internet Connection

Ask the company about the way your host gets linked with the web. If they answer something like UUNET, then be sure the connectivity will be good. T3 (Transmission) line connectivity signals a weaker connectivity. The other ways available for connection are through optical carrier, and digital signal. OC3 connection ensures the best among all.


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