Wednesday 9 January 2019

Clustered web hosting means hosting on multiple servers thereby increasing reliability and performance.

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In this environment servers can be constantly added to the cluster, allowing for effective scalability and flexibility for users.

If a customer's site is hosted across multiple clustered web servers, any significant increase in traffic will not affect the performance of the site. This is because the system will automatically redirect the traffic to a server having lower load.

In other words, the approach is called intelligent load balancing.

In this concept the clustered web hosting uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor users sites so that when bottlenecks are foreseen the traffic is directed through the best performing routes. This enables users to stay online without interruption.

Advantages of clustered web hosting

1. Better quality resources – Because the hosting account is powered by the hardware and bandwidth resources of an entire cluster of web servers, clients get powerful processing resources.

2. Higher data storage space – Multiple data servers connected via each front end server allows for more data space whenever consumers require it.

3. More secure data protection – Since back end servers are connected to front end servers in the cluster, the data stored in the clients data bases and directories are secure from malicious access. 


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