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Several aspects are to be taken care of while setting up a business website and for managing it as well. It is true that the look, feel and design of your website is of utmost importance, but hosting is one factor which most of the website owners don’t pay a lot of attention to. The truth is that the hosting platform on which your website is setup is as important as the design of your website. If your website is supported by an appropriate and efficient web hosting platform, it means that you will experience good page load times, reduced or no downtime and reduced bounce rate.

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The choice of the right web hosting platform can get a little difficult as there are so many hosting platforms available. In this article, we will see a comparison between the two most widely used and popular hosting platforms : Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting so that you can make a better and informed decision as far as the hosting solution for your website is concerned.

Reseller Hosting

When you opt for reseller hosting, you can resell the hosting resources of the web hosting company as a reseller. This means that you can easily set up your own web hosting business with your own brand name. In reseller hosting, the owner or the reseller allows various users to host their websites. Here, the reseller is the service provider for all the users. Therefore, reseller hosing is an affordable way of starting your own business without having to invest in any large infrastructure cost.

Reseller hosting ensures flexibility, affordability and reliability. If you are planning to setup your own web hosting company, you need to have some amount of knowledge about creating hosting accounts for your clients before you move further, everything else like server management, infrastructure management and security is managed by the web hosting company. As a reseller running a web hosting business, it is important for you to take your customer needs into consideration in order to grow your business.

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Advantages Of Reseller Hosting:

◈ Reseller hosting is user-friendly and easy to setup and manage.

◈ No in-depth technical knowledge is required for starting your own web hosting business through reseller hosting.

◈ Reseller hosting provides an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel (WHM) that enables you to maintain your hosting account and you can also easily setup your customer accounts.

◈ In WHM, you can replace the WHMCS logo with your own company logo to mark the authenticity of your web hosting company.

◈ As WHM control panel is provided with reseller hosting, you can easily manage all your customer accounts through this one control panel.

◈ Reseller hosting is affordable and there are various package options to choose from.

◈ Upgrading reseller hosting is also easy and you can choose from either the Linux or Windows operating system.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting offers you the best of both – shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Signing up for a VPS means that you are sharing the server with ‘a few’ other users, hosting on a VPS is not similar to that of hosting on a shared server as you are sharing the server with just a few users not many users. In a VPS, your account is isolated from the other user accounts and irrespective of how heavy their traffic is, your account or websites won’t get affected.

A VPS is basically a single physical server that is divided into multiple virtual segments. In a VPS, the resources like RAM, CPU, disk space and OS are not shared by all the accounts. When you opt for VPS hosting, you get an independent segment for your website/websites. You also get complete root access to the sever in order to manage your hosting account and websites. VPS also offers the WHM control panel that can be used for creating multiple accounts and a VPS can be used for reselling as well. If you are a designer or a web developer, you can opt for VPS hosting for powering the complex client websites and web apps.

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Advantages Of VPS Hosting:

◈ One physical server is split and distributed into various virtual accounts and every account has its own set of resources and operating system.

◈ VPS hosting is affordable and enables the users to easily scale and upgrade their hosting accounts.

◈ No in-depth technical knowledge is required for using VPS hosting. VPS hosting is best suited for the website owners who need a customizable environment.

◈ VPS hosting provides better control over your server as you get complete root access. You can easily perform tasks like modifying name servers, installing software etc.

What Is The Core Difference Between Reseller Hosting And VPS Hosting?

The choice of selecting reseller hosting or VPS hosting depends on the type of online business you are running or would like to run. If you wish to setup your own web hosting business, then reseller hosting is the best choice for you. Whereas if you plan to start any web business or if you already have one and if your web businesses is gaining more traffic and your current hosting plan is unable to handle it, then it is preferable to switch to VPS hosting. In nutshell, both reseller hosting and VPS hosting cater to a distinct set of business owners and both of them are equally good, it’s just that your choice depends on the type of business you have.


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