Wednesday 3 June 2020

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The server includes:

◉ Very fast processor
◉ Large memory
◉ Large capacity drives
◉ Connect to high-speed line T1 (connected to the outside world).

Hardware is hosted in very large office buildings or data centers. In rooms with climate control, the racks of dedicated servers are stored. Most servers can boast that they are in working order 99% of the time, and more. This impressive figure and one more reason to enjoy a host server. Remember how often you had rebooted my computer?

Software. (Operating System)

In the market there are different operating systems. It is possible that your server uses Apache, or Linux, the open source software. Dedicated Servers must be protected and the application of open source in most cases contain less bugs and more secure than their opponent – a product of Microsoft.

These servers provide an interface to access and configure them, the so-called control panel. Some of the panel are different from other more complex. Depending on your knowledge and skills in the technical field, should look for this circumstance when choosing a host.

Protocol. (FTP)

To send the page to the server you need it “loaded” by executing a file transfer protocol (FTP, file transfer protocol). FTP – a client (for you) application server. If you have created your Web page in your own desktop, it is obvious that in order to open this page for general use, you must download it to your server. FTP-protocol is also used to exchange files between your and other computers.


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